Family Tree Maker 2011

How It All Began

This how it began, with the birth of my daughter Rachel.

With her arrival I became very aware that I really knew very little about her ancestors.

About all those people that got us to this point in time. So I began my genealogy research.

These pages are the results.

Read Rachel’s Story

During the early days of my genealogy research, I gained the courage to contact my father. My Mom and Dad divorced when I was about 2 years old, and except for a handful of short visits over the years, he was absent from our life. I tracked him down and made the call, and the result of that call is he was once again in our life. We shared phone calls and photos and tried to bring each other up to date, and he expressed a great interest in Rachel (the first girl born to a Fletcher in many generations). As the communications increased he came down for a visit bringing with him many of the Fletcher family photos you see on this site, and much more.

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