Family Tree Maker 2011

Witch Hazel

With home made drop biscuits & peach cobbler to die for,

and a knack for picking the sweetest watermelon in the patch.

We all knew she had some special talent…..Maybe a witch

And if that didn’t cure what ailed you she also had her Secret Recipe’s. But the old stand by was always the bottle of Turpentine, liberally applied to any part of the body for any illness.

I remember a story told to me by my mom, once when about 15 she got a heat rash located in the groin area. When she told Nonnie about it she told her to take that bottle of turpentine go into your room fill your hand and with one quick move apply it to the affected area. This mom did and when that turpentine hit the affected area she let out a scream and flipped and flopped around on the bed for several minutes.

The following day the rash was gone and she never had another rash, at least none that Nonnie knew about.

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