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Wright Family Bible

Original images courtesy of Tim

Hosea Wright was born 2 April 1784

Sarah Crews was born 13th July 1786

They were married the 27th December 1804

Children of the above

Anna Wright was born 11th December 18(*)5

*The marks and stains in this area made the date look like 1815

but I believe it should be 1805

Hiram Wright born 1st July 1807

Johnathan Wright born 18th February 1811

Elizabeth Wright was born 15th March 1813

Mary Wright was born the 9th of April 1815

and died Aug 1815

John Es. Wright was born 13th July 18(?)

Caleb Wright was born the ? April 1818

Hosea Wright was born the 11th of February 1820

Sarah Wright was born the 4th july 1821

(unreadable) Wright born the 5th Sept 1823

If you look at the bottom right hand side of the page you can see

the remnants of some of the stains. This area was some of the worst on these pages.

The pages below were very hard to work. It is my hope that I was able to

return these pages to their original condition, or as close as possible,

without removing any marks put there by the writer.

The Wrights were Revolutionary War Patriots

and answered the call

along with the Vanauken family.

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4 Responses to “Wright Family Bible”

  • phillip barr:

    Good evening,
    I wonder if you would know anyone with an earlier Wright family bible or might be able to help ck for a John Willingham b. 1638 with a wife Elizabeth Wright in colonial virginia. So probably 1650s or later on marriage.
    Charles city county Va.

    appreciate any help

    Phillip barr

  • Glenn:

    Hi Phillip
    The earliest Wright in my line to appear in Virginia was Hosea Wright. He was born in Virginia 2 Apr 1784 according to my records. So much later than 1638. So sadly I can’t provide any additional help.
    Good Luck in your search

  • phillip barr:

    Hi Glenn,
    Could you give me a referral to someone who might have earlier Wright records?

  • Glenn:

    At this time I know of no one with earlier Records of the Wright Family Genealogy. If anyone else does please contact me here, at The Fletcher Family Genealogy.
    Thanks Glenn

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