Family Tree Maker 2011

Mulholland Family

Charley Mulholland & Laura Joan Trail

with adopted son Eddy

Laura Joan Trail

Sister to William Martin Trail and known as “Aunt Jossie” was a pioneer in the Black HIlls of Dakota and Wyoming, and was so honored at her funeral in Sundance, Wyoming in 1934.

Aunt Jossie had first married John Gee in Mercer Co. Missouri. He took her to Deadwood sometime after the exciting gold discoveries of 1876. She later divorced John and moved to the newly started town of Sundance, Wyoming, where she later was married for the second and last time to Charley Mulholland.

Source: Mercer County Pioneer Traces

Photo: Courtesy of Dave Wakeman


Charlie Mulholland and Laura Joan Trail Adopted two children,

Grace             and  Eddie Latham.

It has been learned that Eddie Latham became a farmer of some status, building a large farming operation in the Sundance Wyoming area. Members of the Latham family still farm in the area.

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