Family Tree Maker 2011

McIntosh Family

This photo has been identified.

Thanks to Ardy McIntosh.

Seated: Charles Thomas McIntosh ( Son of Aaron McIntosh) and Martha Jane Alley McIntosh.

Second Row: Daughters Georgia Anna, Gussie Arvilia, Mary Ellen McIntosh.

Back Row: Sons Charles McKinley, William David (Brud), Laurel Aaron (Bibe),

Franklin Dewey (Frank) McIntosh (Ardy’s Dad).

Martha Jane Alley is a sister to Margaret Alley wife of Reuben Hicks.

Which makes her Rachel’s great great great aunt.

Many of the strangers in Nonnie’s Album I believe to be of the Alley family.

And it is my hope that over time each one will be identified by a descendant of those in the photos.

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