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Hicks Family

James and Hazel Hicks
“Nonnie & Pappy”
The way I remember them most.

James Garfield Hicks with wife Hazel May Trail and 2 of their 3 Daughters Willow Ruby Hicks
and Margaret Cozeen Hicks, a third daughter Doris Hicks Died 02/03/1937.

Gar and Hazel met in Mercer Missouri were they spent their early years together. When Willow was about 7 years old they moved to Wyoming where Gar worked around the oil fields providing butcher services to the men working the wells. During their stay there Margaret Cozeen was born. They later moved out west working in the fields during the harvest season.
Finally settling in Yuba City, Sutter County, California

Reuben Hicks FamilyReuben, James (Garfield), Margaret Alley

In Nonnies Album I found this picture, written on a piece of paper
below the picture it states this is
Ernest, Tone, Aunt Lou and Floy
taken before they left for Egypt.

Crossing the River Jordan

Jordan River Baptism Photo

The back of this photo card reads:

This is Julie and Rash, they got their holy Ghost in them in the river to be baptized

In the Mercer Centennial Book there is a reference to a  T. D. Hicks, that was a missionary to Egypt. I have since learned that his name was Anthony David Hicks. His nickname in the family was Tone, short for Anthony. Hence the name T. D. Hicks. Another mystery solved.

The back of this photo says

Lue ( Lou) and Tone Hicks 1898

Photo courtesy of: Jerry Dale Hollcroft

This photo was taken about 1963 at the home of
James Garfield Hicks and Hazel May Trail Hicks.
L-R seated:
Steven Fletcher, Glenn Fletcher, James ( Gar ) Hicks, Hazel (Trail )Hicks, Betty (Weast) Fletcher, David Jones.
L-R Standing:
Alfred Mayer, Willo (Hicks ) Mayer, Howard Jones, ( Margaret Hicks) Jones, Ron Jones.

One thing you could always count on from Pappy was one of
Pappy’s Stories

Hazel known to all the grand kids as “Nonnie” was affectionately called
“Witch Hazel”

3 Responses to “Hicks Family”

  • My grandfather’s grandfather was John Hicks Fletcher…are we related?

    Kim Fletcher
    Glenn County, CA

  • Steve Trail:

    Do you know Hazel May Trail’s parents? Her birthplace?
    I’m decended from Trail’s that came through Eolia/Silex Missouri (Lincoln and Pike County)

  • Glenn:

    Hi Steve
    There are actually 2 Hazel Trails, Hazel May Trail was my great grandmother, the other Hazel Trail was her niece. Both were born in the Mercer Missouri area. The second Hazel lives still in the area and lives on property that has been in the family for years. As for the Trails in Lincoln county, there could be a family connection, as they are only a few hours from each other, but I have no know Trails in my data base that are from that area.
    Good Luck in your search.

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