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Courtesy of Arriba Museum

This photo came to me by my brother and his wife who are full time RVers. On their most resent trip, they  traveled through Arriba Colorado and were able to look around the town with the help of many of the local residents. There they discovered this photo, one that I did not have. It show the Creels at a much younger age than I had seen before. Thank too all.




This is a photo of Charles Creel and my Uncle Ed

Standing in front of the Creel home in Arriba Colorado.

Charles Creel was husband to Elizabeth Mumford Creel.






















This is the Creel home today.

Photo courtesy of Pat Price

Arriba Town Clerk.

Charles Creel’s obituary states that

He was the founder of Arriba Colorado, and one of the pioneer citizens of Lincoln County.

It further states that he came to eastern Colorado with the building of the Rock Island Railroad.

He homesteaded what is today the town site of Arriba and was one of the first white men living in that part of the county.

During the Cripple Creek mining excitement he went to that place and was engaged in the mining and assaying business.

He came to Colorado in April, 1888, from Iowa. Mr. Creel took the first census of the county in 1890.



Elizabeth Mumford Creel wife of Charles A. Creel

Photo taken in Arriba



Received a box of what I call family treasure on July 20, 2010. This box came from my cousin Michael Fletcher, by way of a family friend and distant relative, who thought that I would be the best to hold these items. Most of the contents were photos. Photos that I believe were in the home of Charles and Elizabeth Mumford Creel. Here are some of the photos I received.


Charles A.Creel

Standing in front of his Real Estate Office


Charles A. Creel



Elizabeth Mumford Creel



Elizabeth Mumford Creel


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