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Van Auken Descendants

1 Marinius VAN AUKEN
Birth:    abt 1660
Death:    bef 1724

Marinus VanAken was the first of my line to settle in America. He was born about 1660 in Holland. His first wife Prijntje Rents widowed him. He married Pieternelle de Pre van Wingen April 11, 1683 in Cadzand, Holland. They later emigrated to America.

Marinus Van Aken emigrated from Cadzand, Holland about 1683 with his wife Pieternelle. Marinus’s ancestors are thought to have emigrated from the ancient city of Aken, now more generally called Aix La-Chappelle or Aachen, from whence the name of the family of Van Akens and Van Aukens in America is taken. The name Achen is evidently derived from the spri ngs for which the place has always been famous, and was the burial place of Charlemagne, the great German Emperor. Van Aachen or Aken simply describes a person ‘as of or from’ Aachen, of whom there were many of no relationship whatever, the place of primary residence becoming their proper name. Aken represents Dutch long sound of a, as does also Auken. In Holland the family name is traced back fifteen hundred years to the forth century when John Van Aken founded the ancient city of “Aken”, located in Germany between the Rhine and Meuse rivers on the border of Holland.

Marinus and Pieternelle emigrated to America and resided in Ulster County, around 1683, in the town of Esopus. They later resided in Rochester (Accord, NY). Their farm near Kingston is said to be still in the possession of their descendants. They had eight children named: Pieter (1685), Sara (1688), Cornelis (1690), Catrina (1692), Rachel (1695), Neeltje (1697), Abraham (1689) and Isaak (1702).

Marinus died sometime prior to 1724.

Spouse:    Pieternella DU PRE
Father:    Jan DU PRE
Mother:    Margaret CROMARTIE
Marriage:    20 Mar 1683, Zeeland Holland

Children:    Abraham

1.1 Abraham VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    Jannetje DEWITT

Children:    Daniel

1.1.1 Daniel VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    Lea KITTLE

Children:    Nathaniel (1764-1835) Nathaniel VAN AUKEN
Birth:    19 Dec 1764, New York
Death:    26 Jan 1835

Nathaniel Van Auken’s Revolutionary War Pension Application: National Archives, Washington DC
Sussex Pleas
State of New Jersey}
Sussex County SS} On this fourth day of February in the year of our Lord, eighteenhundred and thirty
four. Personally appeared in open court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas now
sitting, the same being a Court of Records in and fore said County of Sussex, Nathaniel Vanauken a
resident of the township of Wallpack in the County of Sussex aforesaid aged sixty nine years, who
being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath made the following declaration in order to
obtain the benefit of the pension made by Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832 — That he entered
the Army of the United States as a substitute for James Vanauken in the year 1779 in the fall of the
year — That he entered in the company of Capt. Moses Cortright — (who deserted and became a
Tory) & 1st Lieutenant John Vantile [Van Tyle] D. Dewitt Martin Decker — Major Daniel Decker —
Under Colonel Hatfield, That he entered at Carpenters Point in the state of New York and marched to
Goshen Orange County from thence to Newburgh and New Winsor. The British came up the North
(or Hudson) River while we were at New Winsor on said river — And we shot at them as they
proceeded up the River. — they proceeded up the River to Sopus which place they fired and burned
and then returned down the river to the City of New York — we marched from New Winsor to Banks
Bridges (called) to the Northend of Newburgh at which place we were stationed Some time was
there until we were discharged and returned home after serving at ? two weeks
That he entered again in the fall of the next year 1780 in the month of October — in the Company of
Lieutenant DeWitt under Major DeWitt entered and marched from Carpenters Point to Nappanock
was there some time then marched up to the Lackawack was stationed here guarding against the
Indians who annoyed the white inhabitants of this district of county very much, by committing their
mischievous depredation — we had several fights and skirmishes with the — From the last named
place we returned back home to Carpenters Point or near there That he was out and done — Duty
this time forty five days.
That he entered the Army of the United States in the year 1782 for eight months as a substitute for
Elijah Vanaukin, thinks in April under Captain Abraham Westfall, 1st Lieu Seward Major DeWitt and
Colonel ? marches to Peenpack on the Neversink River — from thence to Minisink on Delaware and
other places along the River at which we were stationed guarding against and repelling the
invasions of the Indians, that he was out in this service and done duty for the eight months —
That he then returned to Carpenters Point– He said that there was a hand cut Log Fort at his
Fathers house near the Neversink and Delaware rivers– made to guard against frequent attacks of
the Indians– he says that he was there when a party of Indians and Tories attacked it– that the
Leader of the Party was the Indian Chief Joseph Brant.– next the party was defeated with the loss
of one or two of their party— he says that the district of county in which he lived was subject to the
attacks and depredations of the Indians throughout the war–
He says that he was born on the 17th dec 1764 near Carpenters Point and near the junctions of the
Neversink and Delaware Rivers in the county of Orange and state of New York that there is record
of his age in the family Bible in his possession– that he was living near Carpenters Point aforesaid at
the different times when called into service, that he was living since the Revolutionary War mostly
in Sussex County New Jersey That he now lives in the Township of Wallpack afores and where he has
lived the last thirty two years– that he served as a volunteer and substitute when as a substitute for
James and Elijah Vanauken aforesaid he says he never received a written discharge nor has he any
documentary evidence–but that Elijah Vanauken — can testify to most of his service he says that
Colonel Jacob Dimon and Daniel Depue –can testify as to their beliefs of his age and reputation as a
Revolutionary Soldier –, he says that there is no Clergyman residing in his neighborhood and that
he could not consequently procure the attendance of one before the Court who could testify as
required by the De– he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except
the present and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state.
Sworn and subscribed in open }
court the day & year above written} signed: Nathaniel Vanauken [poorly written]
Jos. Y. Miller Presiding Judge}

We Jacob Dimon and Daniel Depue residing in the neighborhood of Nathaniel Vanauken who has
subscribed and sworn to the above declaration do hereby certify that we are well aquatinted with
said Nathaniel Vanauken that we believe him to be sixty nine years of age that he is reputed and
believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that
we concur in that opinion–
Sworn to and sibscribed in }
open court the day and } signed: Jacob Dimon
year above written } signed: Daniel Depue
Jos. Y. Miller Presiding Judge }

And the said Court do hereby declare their Opinion, after investigation of the matter, and after
putting the interrogations of prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant
was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states
And the court further certify that Colonel Jacob Dimon and Daniel Depue are credible persons and
that their statement is entitled to full credit– and that they are further satisfied that there is no
clergyman residing in the neighborhood of the said Nathaniel Vanauken–

Jos Yettillin }
John H. Hall } Judges
John Bell }

New Jersey }
Sussex County} Be it remembered – that on this 26th day of April 1834 personally appeared before
me Henry I. Caurson Esquire Justice of the peace in and foresaid County Elijah Vanauken aged
seventy four years who being duly sworn according to law upon his oath doth depose and says that
he is the brother of Nathaniel Vanauken who has sworn to and subscribes the foregoing affidavig–
That they resided at the time of the Revolutionary War near Carpenters Point in Orange County New
York That he recollects well that the said Nathaniel Vanauken was out the period and at the time
first mentioned in his said Declaration And further that he recollects well that the said Nathaniel
went out in the Army of the United States under the Officers by him stated as a substitute for the said
Deponent as mentioned by him– that he … from the place aforesaid in the said company mentioned
by Sd Nathaniel– and was out for the period by his in that behalf mentioned he says that there was
a fort as mentioned by Sd Nathaniel at his fathers and that they were frequent attracts and much …
the Indians during the war and further loath not–
Sworn and subscribed before } his
me the day aforesaid } Elijah X Vanauken
Henry I. Caurson, JP } mark

I certify the Elijah Vanauken who has sworn and subscribed the foregoing affidavit is a credible
person and that his statement is entitled to full credit.
Witness my hand the day aforesaid Henry I. Caurson, JP

***** end of pension application Transcribed by Harold I. Van Auken & Leigh Jones, P.O. Box 541,
Stanhope NJ 07874-0541

Notes on character witnesses: Nathaniel Van Auken’s daughter Hannah was married to Jonathan
Dimon; Capt. Jacob Dimon was a brother of Jonathan Dimon. Nathaniel’s daughter Maria was
married to Daniel Depue. Both daughters were married by 1834.

Excerpt from the will of Daniel Van Auken, on file in Surrogates Office, Goshen, Orange Co. NY; Index
of Records page 783; Liber F. page 186. A copy of the will is in my possession.
“I do also give and bequeath unto my eldest son Elijah Van Auken the sum of twenty five dollars as
and for his birth right to be paid to him out of my personal estate.”
“As to all the residue and remainder of my personal estate whatsoever I give and bequeath the
same to my children, Elijah Van Auken, Nathan Van Auken, Nathaniel Van Auken, Isaiah Van Auken,
Daniel Van Auken jr, Joshua Van Auken, Jeremiah Van Auken, Ledia Cole, Catherine Myers, Jane
Hornbeck, Leah Hornbeck, Margery Cuddeback and my grandson Daniel Van Inwagen to be equally
divided between them. I do hereby appoint my wife Leah Van Auken Executrix and my sons Elijah
Van Auken and Nathaniel Van Auken Executors of this last will and testament hereby revoking all
former wills by me made.”

Abstract of Deed:
“Between Nathan Van Auken and Hester his wife and Nathaniel Van Auken and his wife Mary of the
town of Minisink in the County of Orange and the state of New York Yoemans of the first part and
Simon Westfall* of the township of Upper Smithfield and county of Northhampton and state of
Pensilvania of the other part for the sum of three hundred and sixty pounds current money of the
state of New York. Containing 165 acres. Dated: June 4, 1791. [Deed Book E; pg 54. Deed on file in
County Clerk’s office, Goshen, Orange County NY.

*Simon Westfall was the son of Somon Westfall and Jannetjen Westbroek, and the grandson of Jory
Westfall and Blandian De Witt. Blandian De Witt was the sister of Jannetjen De Witt Van Auken,
Nathaniel’s paternal grandmother.

American Revolutionary Patriots Buried in Sussex County, New Jersey
List compiled by Mr. Alfred Perlee of Col. Rosenkrans Chapter SAR
Research done by Mrs. Arthur Pettenger Historian, Chinkchewunska Chapter
Nathaniel VanAuken, Buried Lower Walpack Cemetery, Walpack, NJ
Nathaniel VanAuken 1765-1835
Source- Patriots Index p-697
Nathaniel VanAuken b-12-19-1764 d-1-26-1835 m-Mary Westbrook Pvt. NJ
Snell’s History of Sussex and Warren Co.’s p-323
Nathaniel VanAuken entered the army at age of 16 and was in a receipt of a pension at the time of  his death.

Spouse:    Mary WESTBROOK

Children:    John W. (1790-1860)
Sarah (1792-)
Hannah (?179-)
Bowdewine (?179-)
Margaret John W. VAN AUKEN
Birth:    1790
Death:    1 Apr 1860, Kane Co. IL.

NJ Herald, April 21,1860: “Died April 1 — at the residence of his son-in-law Jesse Bemmer [Beemer], at Pawpaw Grove, Lee County IL, John W. Vanauken, formerly of this county, aged 70 years and 24 years [sic]”
Contact: Barbara DeGroot <>

Spouse:    Rachel ROSENKRANS
Birth:    1792
Death:    10 Oct 1854
Father:    Benjamin ROSENKRANS
Mother:    Margaret SCHOONOVER

Sussex Register, Oct 28, 1854 — death notices
“In Cook County, Illinois on the 10th of October, Rachel Van Auken, aged 62 years, formerly of Wallpack, Sussex County NJ. [Hanover Twp., Cook county borders Kane County IL]
Contact: Barbara DeGroot <>

Marriage:    28 Dec 1809, Sussex Co. NJ.

Children:    Lydia Maria (1819-1892) Lydia Maria VAN AUKEN
Birth:    4 Dec 1819, New Jersey
Death:    24 May 1892, Elgin Illinois
Occupation:    Keeping House

Baptism record shows Lydia born December 4, 1819. Tombstone inscription has her birth date as  December 4, 1817, exactly 2 years earlier. “7” and “9” could easily be misinterpreted in transcribing  original handwritten records. Death record from Kane Co. IL gives death date as May 24, 1892 — same as tombstone inscription — at the age of 74 yrs 6 mo, 20 days.
Contact: Barbara DeGroot <>

Spouse:    Henry FLETCHER
Birth:    12 Dec 1814, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England
Death:    23 May 1886, Elgin Kane Co. IL
Father:    William FLETCHER  (-1838)
Mother:    Hannah TUCK (1789-)

Name: Henry Fletcher
Sex: M
Birth: 12 DEC 1814 in Chambridgeshire England
Death: 23 MAY 1886 in Kane Co. IL
Burial: Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Kane Co. IL
Henry Fletcher was born December 12, 1814 in Chambridgeshire, England. Died May 23, 1886 at the age of 71 yrs 5 mo 11 days. [Kane Co. Il death record; t.s. inscription]

Receipt book C p. 64, Surrogate’s Office, Newton, Sussex Co. NJ: “We, Henry Fletcher and Maria his wife the said Maria being one of the children and heirs at law of Rachel Van Auken do acknowledge
to have received from Peter Young, George Guman and Horatio N. Gustine commissioners appointed by the Orphan’s Court of the County of Sussex to sell the real estate of Benjamin Rosenkrans deceased the sum of Nineteen dollars and ninty two cents which is in full payment of the share and portion of said Maria Fletcher of the money arising from said sale belonging to said Rachel Van Auken dec’d who was a daughter of said Benjamin Rosenkrans dec’d. Witness our hands and seals this 16th day of May A D Eighteen hundred and sixty.” [Signed} Henry Fletcher, Maria  Fletcher. [Kane County, IL]
Lydia and Henry Fletcher are interred in the Bluff City Cemetery, elgin, Kane County IL. [Haven't
been there yet, but have photographs and death records - HV] Henry was originally interred in the
Udina Cemetery, Plato Twp., Kane Co. IL, probably was moved to Bluff City Cemetery after his wife died.
Contact: Barbara DeGroot <>

Marriage:    3 May 1838

Children:    John Wesley (1839-1904)
William (1841-1904)
Hannah (1843-<1920)
Rachel S (1845-1871)
Lewis (1847-)
Sarah (1849-1880)
James (1851-1930)
Lydia J (1853-)
Byron Wesley (1856-1935)
George Edward (1859-)
Charles (1861-1893) Sarah VAN AUKEN
Birth:    1792

Susex Register May 9, 1862

In Pultney, Stuben Co., NY, at her residence, Sara, consort of Mr. Henry B. Wintermute,
aged 70 years. She was the daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Van Auken, of Walpack, Sussex
Co. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church about 45 years. Her husband, being
an Elder in Stillwater, NJ, and subsequently a Deacon of Prattsburg Chuch, imposed
special duties upon her. She was grave, sober, faithful in all things, ruling her home
well.. Of five children and husband who survive her, all but one are members of
Christ’s Church. She died of consumption, which was 12 or 14 years wearing away her
stenght, yet was cheeerful in hope and anxiously looking for the coming of the Lord.
On Wednesday she was as usual seated with her family sat the table, and on Saturday
moring, April 5th (sic), the Master came and called her, and she met the summons
with sweet peace. “Blessed are the who die in the Lord.

Sara was the d/o Nathaniel Van Auken & Mary Westbrook. She married Henry
Bernhardt Wintermute June 16, 1811 (Sussex Co., NJ Marriage books.) Henry was the
s/o John Wintermute & Anna Margaret Couse.

Born: March 01, 1792; Died: April 25th, 1862
Burial: Glenview Cemetery, Pultney, Stuben County, NY
Source Harold I VanAuken Hannah VAN AUKEN
Birth:    ? 23 Nov 179

Spouse:    Jonathan DIMON

Children:    Jacob (1824-1907)
Lydia (1836-1913) Jacob DIMON
Birth:    4 Oct 1824, Walpack Center, N.J.
Death:    Dec 1907


Author: Harold I. Van Auken

Date: 9 Sep 2000 12:00 PM GMT

Surnames: Dimon, Van Auken, Bell, McCain, Rosenkrans

Classification: Obituary

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Sussex County Newspaper
New Jersey Herald, Thursday, December 26, 1907
Death of Jacob N. V. Dimon
Jacob N. V. Dimon, one of the oldest residents of Newton, died at the home of his
son-in-law, Rev. William McCain, on High street, on Friday last, aged 88 years, 3
months and 16 days. The deceased was born at Walpack Center, October 4, 1824.
Reaching manhood, he followed the pursuits of farming. Sixty-two years ago he was
married to Julia A. Bell. Subsequently they moved to Frankford, where the deceased
continued farming, and later moved to Branchville where he held the
postmastership. Eighteen years ago he removed to Newton, where he continued to
reside with his aged wife, who survives him, living a retired life. He was a man of a
quite, gentle disposition. He was a peaceable, upright citizen, one possessed of those
old fashioned notions of honesty and simplicity, and detesting all manner of false
show and pride. He is survived by his widow, aged 81 years, one daughter, also one
sister [Jane Dimon Rosenkrans] and three grandchildren. The funeral services were
held at the home of Rev. Mr. McCain on Monday, and were conducted by Rev. A. J.
Tarner, pastor of the M. E. Church. [Note in brackets is mine-HV]

[Jacob was the s/o of Jonathan Dimon and Hannah Van Auken of Walpack. Hannah was
the d/o Nathaniel Van Auken & Mary Westbrook, also of Walpack.--HV]

Spouse:    Julia A. BELL
Father:    John BELL
Mother:    Pheobe HENDERSHOT

Sussex County Newspaper
New Jersey Herald, Thursday Aug. 14, 1913
Julia A. Dimon
Mrs. Julia A. Dimon, widow of Jacob N. V. Dimon, died at the home of her son-in-law, Rev. William McCain, High street, Newton, from ailments incident to old age . She was nearly 87 years old. Her husband has been dead six years. They had two children, who are both dead. Lizzie, wife of Rev. Wm. McCain, who has been dead two years, leaving two children, Julia , wife of Daniel M. Myers, of Hasbrouck Heights, and William, of Newton. Her other daughter, Celestia, wife of Joseph Valentine; has been dead 18 years, leaving one son, Dimon J. Valentine, of Newark. The funeral was held from the home of her son-in-law, Rev. William McCain, Saturday, August 9, at 11 O’clock, Rev. Milton E. Grant, pastor of the M. E. Church, officiating. Interment was made in the Newton Cemetery.

[Julia Bell was the d/o John Bell & Phoebe Hendershot. Her father was the s/o of Robert Bell & Mary Struble of Walpack. Julia was named in her grandfather, Robert Bell's will. Julia and her husband, Jacob N. V. Dimon both signed a Reciept for Julia's legacy of $50.
--probate records of Robert Bell, Sr.--HV]

Children:    Lizzie
Celestia Jane DIMON
————————————————– Lydia DIMON
Birth:    6 Aug 1836
Death:    30 Apr 1913, Walpack Center, N.J.

New Jersey Herald, Sussex Co., NJ; Thursday, May 1, 1913

Walpack Column

Mrs. Lydia Dimon Tillman beloved wife of Nicholas Tillman, died Monday after an illness of one short week. She has been a lifelong resident of Walpack and her genial disposition, pleasant smile, and winsome ways, won for her many friends who will miss her very much. And more especially will she be missed by her beloved husband, who is left entirely alone and who ministered to her every want through her sickness in acts of kindness and words of sympathy. She was the mother of one daughter, who died at the age of 20 years. Mrs Tillman was 78 years old.

Lydia Dimon Tillman b. August 06, 1836; d. April 30, 1913 was the d/o Jonathan Dimon & Hannah Van Auken.

Lydia is interred in the Walpack Center Cemetery beside her husband, Nicholas and their daughter, Lestie L. Tillman.

Nicholas Tillman born March 01, 1840; died May 08, 1930

Also interred in the family plot is Nicholas’ second wife,
Carrie V. Losey Tillman, 1874 – 1954.

Spouse:    Nicholas TILLMAN
Birth:    1 Mar 1840
Death:    8 May 1930

Children:    Lestie L. Bowdewine VAN AUKEN
Birth:    ? 28 Jun 179 Margaret VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    Philip GARISS

hillip Gariss

Author: Harold I. Van Auken

Date: 23 Jan 1999 12:00 PM GMT

Surnames: Gariss, VanAuken, Dickison, DePuy

Classification: Obituary
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From The New Jersey Herald, Thursday, July 30, 1908. Walpack Column.

Philip Gariss, of Millbrook, died at his home Monday morning, July 20th, after a long illness. He was aged 82 years and nine months. He had passed nearly all his life at Millbrook, and was loved and respected by all who knew him. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church of Millbrook, and was a great worker in the church. He leaves to mourn his death his wife, who was before her marriage Miss Margaret VanAuken, sister of (John)Wesley Van Auken, of Sandyston, and two children, Alice, wife of Mason Dickison, of Millbrook, and Atwood, of Summit. The funeral services were held at the Millbrook church Thursday, and were conducted by Rev. Mr. Rose, of Sandhill. Interment at Millbrook. The carriers were: Floyd, Philip, John and Fredrick Dickison and Norman Gariss, grandsons of the deceased, and William De Puy, whose wife was a granddaughter of Mr. Gariss.

1.2 Pieter VAN AUKENP

1.3 Sara VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    Niclause WESTVALL

1.4 Cornelis VAN AUKEN

Cornelius was the son of the emigrants Marinus Van Aken and Pieternelle de Pre. Cornelius was baptized May 25, 1690 in Kingston, New York. He married Zara Westbroek April 30, 1714. hey moved from Ulster County to Bucks (now Pike County), PA, at Theesacht (Rosetown), near Matamoras, in Westfall Township before 1734. They had nine children who were: Pieternelletjen (1715), Lena (1717), Abraham C (1720), Annaatjen (1723), Elizabeth (1725), Johannes (1728), Jannetje (1730/32), Jacobus (1734), Sarah (1737), and Gideon (1738).

Spouse:    Sara WESTBROEK
Marriage:    30 Apr 1714

1.5 Catrina VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    Cornelis DEPUE
Marriage:    6 May 1717

1.6 Rachel VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    William DEKKER
Marriage:    30 Apr 1719

1.7 Isaac VAN AUKEN

Spouse:    Rachel DEWITT
Father:    Jan DEWITT
Mother:    Wyntje KIERSTED
Marriage:    15 Apr 1723

Children:    Abraham

1.7.1 Abraham VAN AUKEN

1.7.2 Sarah VAN AUKEN

1.7.3 Jacob VAN AUKEN

1.7.4 Isaac VAN AUKEN

1.7.5 Janneke VAN AUKEN

1.7.6 Joseph VAN AUKEN


Abraham (VAN)    1.1
Abraham (VAN)    1.7.1
Bowdewine (VAN)
Catrina (VAN)    1.5
Cornelis (VAN)    1.4
Daniel (VAN)    1.1.1
Hannah (VAN)
Isaac (VAN)    1.7
Isaac (VAN)    1.7.4
Jacob (VAN)    1.7.3
Janneke (VAN)    1.7.5
John W. (VAN)
Joseph (VAN)    1.7.6
Lydia Maria (VAN)
Margaret (VAN)
Marinius (VAN)    1
Nathaniel (VAN)
Rachel (VAN)    1.6
Sara (VAN)    1.3
Sarah (VAN)    1.7.2
Sarah (VAN)
Pieter (VAN)    1.2
John    parent of spouse of
Julia A.    spouse of
Margaret    parent of spouse of 1
William    spouse of 1.6
Cornelis    spouse of 1.5
Jan    parent of spouse of 1.7
Jannetje    spouse of 1.1
Rachel    spouse of 1.7
Celestia    child of
Jonathan    spouse of
Lizzie    child of
Byron Wesley    child of
Charles    child of
George Edward    child of
Hannah    child of
Henry    spouse of
James    child of
John Wesley    child of
Lewis    child of
Lydia J    child of
Rachel S    child of
Sarah    child of
William    parent of spouse of
William    child of
Philip    spouse of
Pheobe    parent of spouse of
Wyntje    parent of spouse of 1.7
Lea    spouse of 1.1.1
Jan (DU)    parent of spouse of 1
Pieternella (DU)    spouse of 1
Benjamin    parent of spouse of
Rachel    spouse of
Margaret    parent of spouse of
Lestie L.    child of
Nicholas    spouse of
Hannah    parent of spouse of
Sara    spouse of 1.4
Mary    spouse of
Niclause    spouse of 1.3

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