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Yenne Descendants

1 John George YENNE
Birth:    1783, Germany
Occupation:    Blacksmith

Listed as George Yenne in 1830 census
Listed as Yenney in the 1850 Census
Son Joseph still living with them in 1850
Living with son George Yenne family in 1860 Census

Spouse:    Mary Magdelena JOHNSON
Birth:    abt 1783, Pennsylvania

Listed as Magdelena in the 1850 Census

Children:    Elizabeth (1816-)
Catherine (1816-)
Henry (1817-1873)
George (1819-1863)
Susan (~1821-)
Anna Marie (1824-)
Joseph (1828-)

1.1 Elizabeth YENNE
Birth:    6 Dec 1816, Pennsylvania

1.2 Catherine YENNE
Birth:    6 Dec 1816, Pennsylvania

1.3 Henry YENNE
Birth:    12 Aug 1817, Northampton Co PA.
Death:    12 Nov 1873
Occupation:    Listed  As A Merchant In 1850 Census

Spouse:    Rachel RENNEKER
Birth:    12 Aug 1818, Ohio
Death:    8 Feb 1901, Flathead Co. MT
Father:    RENNEKER
Mother:    UNNAMED

Listed as Yenney in 1880 Census
Living with son in law Samuel Stephens in 1900 census

Marriage:    13 Feb 1840, Lee Township   Carroll County   OH

Children:    George M (1840-1904)
Mary (1842-)
Samuel (1844-1931)
Susan (1845-<1900)
Elizabeth (1847-)
Caroline (1849-)
William (1853-1901)
Henry Jackson (1853-1901)
Mahala (1855-1888)
Jamima (1857-1955)
Jesse (1860-1938)
Isaac Newton (1862-1948)

1.3.1a George M YENNE*
Birth:    17 Dec 1840, Ohio
Death:    28 Apr 1904, Kalispell , MT

Found living with Joseph & Rebecca Yenne in Indiana in 1860
I found the following biography on George M. Yenne.
Dewey from Michigan

George M. Yenne Biography
From: 1884 WETZEL County, WV, Biographies LIST
Hardesty’s Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia
(Comstock Edition, IN: WV Heritage Encyclopedia, Supplemental Volume 2, pages 169-244)
GEORGE YENNE – is one of the most energetic and prosperous of the residents of Grant district, Wetzel County, West Virginia, where he combines the avocations of farmer, blacksmith and wagon manufacturer.   He was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, December 17, 1840, and was but six years old when his parents, Henry and Rachel (Renneker) Yenne, made their home in Wetzel County.   He enlisted in the 1861 war, as a member of Company C, 14th Indiana Infantry, and after serving five months and eleven days was discharged on accounty of illness contracted after entering the army.   His first wife, whom he married October 19, 1862, was Elizabeth Eckelberry, and their children were: Richard E., born September 5, 1863; Samuel J. August 16, 1865; Sarah C., December 12, 1867; George E., January 9, 1871, died April 10, 1872; James E. Mc., April 28, 1873, died August 28, 1881; Palmyra F.C., October 23, 1875 – all living children are at home.   In Wetzel County, December 20, 1882, George M. Yenne wedded Sophia (Fluharty) (Robinson), who is a daughter of Henry and Sarah (Eddy) Fluharty, residents in Wetzel County since 1845.   She was born when they were living in Marion County, Virginia, September 25, 1833.   George M. Yenne’s post office address is Pine Grove, Wetzel County, West Virginia.

Spouse:    Elizabeth F. ECKELBERRY
Marriage:    19 Oct 1862, Green County, PA

Children:    Richard M. (1863-1904)
Samuel Jefferson (1865-1921)
Sarah Katherine (1866-1905)
George E. (1871-1872)
James (1873-1881)
Palmaria Frances (1875-1918)

Other spouses:    Sophia FLUHARTY

1.3.1a.1 Richard M. YENNE
Birth:    5 Sep 1863, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    28 Apr 1904, Wetzel W.V.

Spouse:    Harriet A. KING

1.3.1a.2 Samuel Jefferson YENNE
Birth:    16 Jun 1865, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    8 Dec 1921

Spouse:    Anna M. YENNE
Birth:    28 Apr 1872, Indiana
Father:    Samuel YENNE  (1844-1931)
Mother:    Sophia (Sophronia) WILLEMAN (1848-1926)
Marriage:    3 Feb 1898, Red Cloud , NE

Children:    Leola Belle (Living)
Sophonia (Sophia) Elizabeth (Living)

1.3.1a.3 Sarah Katherine YENNE
Birth:    12 Dec 1866, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    17 Nov 1905, Flathead Co. MT

Spouse:    James Nicholas STEVENS
Birth:    Oct 1850, Virginia

Children:    Charles A. (1878-)
Clara ( I Think) (1889-)
Elizabeth Lizzie (1891-1916)
Edna (1893-)
William D. (1898-)
Rosa Bell (1899-1999)
Robert J. (Living)

1.3.1a.4 George E. YENNE
Birth:    9 Jan 1871, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    10 Apr 1872, Wetzel W.V.

1.3.1a.5 James YENNE
Birth:    28 Apr 1873, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    28 Aug 1881, Wetzel W.V.

1.3.1a.6 Palmaria Frances YENNE
(See duplicate branch below)

1.3.1b George M YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    Sophia FLUHARTY
Birth:    25 Sep 1833, Marion County, Virginia
Father:    Henry FLUHARTY
Mother:    Sarah EDDY

Other spouses:    Elizabeth F. ECKELBERRY

1.3.2 Mary YENNE
Birth:    26 May 1842, Virginia

Spouse:    MOFFOTT

Children:    Samuel (1869-) Samuel MOFFOTT
Birth:    1869, Indiana

Living with grandmother Rachel Yenne in 1880 Census

1.3.3 Samuel YENNE
Birth:    6 Mar 1844, Virginia
Death:    16 Jan 1931
Birth:    6 Mar 1844, Virginia
Death:    16 Jan 1931, Lone Pine, Sanders County, MT

Boarding in the home of James Apperson in 1920

Living with daughter Bernice Mattix in 1930

Spouse:    Sophia (Sophronia) WILLEMAN
Birth:    3 Jun 1848, Indiana
Death:    19 Aug 1926, Sanders, Co. Montana
Birth:    3 Jun 1848, Davis County, Indiana
Death:    19 Aug 1926, Sanders County, MT
Father:    Levi E. WILLEMAN  (1808-)
Mother:    Ann (Etta) CARNAHAN (~1811-)
Marriage:    28 Apr 1870, Martin Co. Indiana

Children:    Alma M. (1872-)
Anna M. (1872-)
Bernice (1874-1951)
Levi E. (1875-1970)
Eliza (1878-)
Joseph C. (1881-949)
Peter S. (1882-1955)
Harry (1884-1961)
George E. (1886-1968)
Osdrew C. (1888-1970) Alma M. YENNE
Birth:    1872, Indiana Anna M. YENNE*
(See duplicate branch above) Anna M. YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    James C. KERSEY
Birth:    Indiana

Children:    Ora  Osdrew (1890-)
Archie E. (1891-1971)
James Everet (1893-)
Hattie E. (1894-)

Other spouses:    Samuel Jefferson YENNE Bernice YENNE
Birth:    1874, Indiana
Death:    29 May 1951

Spouse:    Louis H. MATTIX
Birth:    abt 1870, Iowa
Death:    20 Nov 1929, Flathead, Montana
Marriage:    26 Jan 1893

Children:    Baby (1903-1903)
Thomas Samuel (~1894-1969)
Raleigh Edward (1895-1910)
Mable Eliza (1897-)
Bessie (1899-)
Nettie A. (Living)
Myrtle Marie (1907-1993)
Gladys Mary (Living)
Sarah (Sadie ) Amber (1911-2001)
Louis  (Lewis) Henry (Living) Levi E. YENNE
Birth:    23 Nov 1875, Shoals Indiana
Death:    21 May 1970, Madera Ca

Spouse:    Mollie REESE
Birth:    abt 1875, Pittsburg, Pa
Father:    REESE
Marriage:    14 Feb 1900

Children:    Dora (Living)
Beulah Jane (Living)
Charles Ellsworth (1904-1969)
Clifford Samuel (1906-1981)
Bernice Mae (1908-1996)
Mary (Living)
Maiville ? (Living) Eliza YENNE
Birth:    1878, Indiana Joseph C. YENNE
Birth:    22 Feb 1881, Smith Center, Kansas
Death:    7/25/1/949, Seattle
Birth:    abt 1879, Indiana

Spouse:    Rubie SEAMAN
Birth:    Aug 1885, Michigan
Father:    UNNAMED  (1847-)
Mother:    UNNAMED

Children:    Ralph (1906-1982)
Edith May (Living)
Baby Boy (Living)
Earl R. (1911-1987) Peter S. YENNE
Birth:    18 Feb 1882, Shoals, Martin, Indiana
Death:    12 Nov 1955, Creston, Flathead Co. Montana

Spouse:    Mary Ethel ( Minnie) O’LEARY
Birth:    8 Feb 1878, Calumet, Houghton Co. Michigan
Death:    5 Jun 1953, Flathead Co. MT
Father:    O’LEARY
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    abt 1904

Children:    Clyde Bernard (1904-1981)
Florence Mildred (1906-1995)
William Joseph (1908-1994)
Arthur (1908-1908)
Tom Peter (1910-2002)
Frances Marlarene (Living)
Anna Marie (Living) Harry YENNE
Birth:    1 Mar 1884, Kansas
Death:    14 Feb 1961, Santa Cruz California

Spouse:    Evaline GOULD
Birth:    Dec 1888, Iowa
Father:    John L. GOULD  (1851-)
Mother:    Margaret (~1852-)
Marriage:    1906

Children:    Arlis Lloyd (1907-1968)
Ivis Clyde (Living)
Opal (Living)
Ora (1913-2007) George E. YENNE
Birth:    3 Jun 1886, Smith Center, Smith, Kansas
Death:    16 Oct 1968, Auburn, Placer County Ca.

Spouse:    Gussie LARITY
Birth:    26 May 1894, New York
Death:    16 Jan 1949, Santa Cruz, California
Mother:    SCHROTER Osdrew C. YENNE
Birth:    17 Nov 1888, Kansas
Death:    17 Jan 1970, Contra Costa

Spouse:    Mary Irene CONNLY
Birth:    3 Apr 1891, California
Death:    24 Jul 1972, CONTRA COSTA, CA
Father:    CONNLY
Mother:    UNNAMED

1.3.4 Susan YENNE
Birth:    22 Sep 1845, Virginia
Death:    bef 1900
Occupation:    Keeping House

Spouse:    Samuel STEPHENS
Birth:    abt 1831, Pennsylvania

Maybe living in San Francisco as a widow in 1900

Marriage:    12 Jul 1865

Children:    Josephus (~1866-)
Rachel (~1872-)
Mahala (~1873-)
William H. (~1876-)
Thomas J. (~1878-)
Eliza S. (1880-)
Jesse B. (1882-)
James (1884-)
George (1887-)
Etta (1889-) Josephus STEPHENS
Birth:    abt 1866, Virginia Rachel STEPHENS
Birth:    abt 1872, Indiana Mahala STEPHENS
Birth:    abt 1873, Indiama William H. STEPHENS
Birth:    abt 1876, Indiana Thomas J. STEPHENS
Birth:    abt 1878, Kansas Eliza S. STEPHENS
Birth:    Apr 1880, Kansas Samuel STEPHENS
————————————————– Jesse B. STEPHENS
Birth:    Apr 1882 James STEPHENS
Birth:    1884 George STEPHENS
Birth:    1887 Etta STEPHENS
Birth:    1889

1.3.5 Elizabeth YENNE
Birth:    3 Jul 1847, Virginia

1.3.6 Caroline YENNE
Birth:    12 Jan 1849, Virginia

Spouse:    John KENNEDY ?

1.3.7 William YENNE
Birth:    15 May 1853, Virginia
Death:    13 Apr 1901

Spouse:    Eliza BUNDY
Birth:    Mar 1850, Indiana
Father:    BUNDY
Mother:    UNNAMED

Living with son Archey in 1930

Children:    Sophonia (Sophia) (1876-1973)
Mary (1877-)
Henry J. (1878-1926)
Musettie (1880-)
James (1881-1979)
William Arthur (1882-)
Etta May (1884-)
Walter (1885-1974)
Lilla Bell (1887-)
Archey (1889-1974)
Emma (1890-) Sophonia (Sophia) YENNE
Birth:    27 Jan 1876, Kansas
Death:    Jul 1973, Smith Center, Smith, Kansas

Listed as Yenne in the 1900 census

Spouse:    John SHOCKLEY
Birth:    8 May 1877, Iowa
Father:    SHOCKLEY
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    10 Jan 1899

Children:    Wilber Manuel (Living)
Thomas Everett (1901-1988) Mary YENNE
Birth:    20 Mar 1877, Kansas

Spouse:    Norton GOULD Henry J. YENNE
Birth:    8 Oct 1878, Kansas
Death:    30 Aug 1926

Listed as John in the 1910 Census

Spouse:    Mary
Birth:    1850, Germany Musettie YENNE
Birth:    Feb 1880, Kansas James YENNE
Birth:    8 Jun 1881, Kansas
Death:    24 Jun 1979, Corvallis, Benton, Oregon William Arthur YENNE
Birth:    Dec 1882, Kansas

Spouse:    Vesta A.
Birth:    1889, Kansas Etta May YENNE
Birth:    May 1884, Kansas Walter YENNE
Birth:    15 Oct 1885, Kansas
Death:    Mar 1974, Smith Center, Smith, Kansas Lilla Bell YENNE
Birth:    May 1887, Kansas Archey YENNE
Birth:    Jul 1889, Kansas
Death:    Apr 1974, Barnes, Washington, Kansas

Spouse:    Kathyran
Birth:    14 Nov 1897, Kansas
Death:    Aug 1985
Marriage:    1923

Children:    Raymond (Living)
Donald (Living) Emma YENNE
Birth:    Jul 1890, Kansas

1.3.8 Henry Jackson YENNE
Birth:    15 May 1853, Virginia
Death:    13 Apr 1901

1880 Kansas may not be right

Spouse:    Mary Wilson HAGEN
Birth:    1850, Germany
Marriage:    12 Nov 1874, Martin County , IN

Children:    Minnie (1871-)
E Mma (1871-) Minnie YENNE
Birth:    1871 E Mma YENNE
Birth:    1871

1.3.9 Mahala YENNE
Birth:    5 Apr 1855, Virginia
Death:    27 Jun 1888, Whitefish, MT

Spouse:    Daniel MATHENY

1.3.10 Jamima YENNE
Birth:    25 Apr 1857, Virginia
Death:    1 Jun 1955

Spouse:    UNNAMED

1.3.11 Jesse YENNE
Birth:    22 Mar 1860, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    10 Dec 1938

Living with Mother Rachel in 1880 census
Diane James – Jul 28, 2003   View | Viewers | Reply to this item
Jesse Yenney / Yenne was the youngest in the family, born 22 Mar 1860 in (Wetzel) Virginia [now West Virginia]. He married
Martha Ann Albrighton, daughter of Joseph C and Elizabeth (Allbritten) Albritton.


Jesse was in Montana National Guard, Company H, 16 August 1897

From “The Inter Lake” Kalispell, Montana 27 October 1899.
He brought the first sweet cherries (conflicting info, apples) into the into the Valley and they settled on the east side of Flathead Lake.   He settled just past Bigfork at what is still called Yenne Point today. Flathead cherries are famous for their sweetness and wonderful flavor.

Uncle Jesse had an orchard where now, there is a housing development.   It’s called Yenne Point on Flathead Lake near Bigfork (on the NE side of the lake).
Jesse Yenne owned 120 acres (20 028 N 021 W 022) Patent document ID#   786 cash Nov. 1st 1904
Jesse carried the flour grinding wheel up from Missoula (Missoula to Kalispell – 120 miles) on his back before they had a road!   He was a very big man — “he must have been 6’5″ or 6’7″ and he was built really big.”   Jesse couldn’t write.
He was quite the business man.   Anna tells on the reunion tape her memories of how smart he was and it’s really obvious to me that she adored her Uncle Jesse.   Anyway, Jesse and Martha were apparently very good with kids and loved them enormously.
(out-of-print) Flathead County Library Call # 978.682 Elwood
-by Henry Elwood copyright 1980, 1989
page 193 LAKE BLAINE AREA, by Joel Austin
Some of the early loggers that logged for Wallace are:   Henry Weaver, Luce, Blackmer, the Yenne family, Riedels, and Anderson.
page 116 MY SIXTY-SIX YEARS IN THE FLATHEAD FROM 1886, by Matt Eccles
“Lumber and Grist Grinding”
The spring, 1890, Father bought a one-half interest in a grist sawmill at Mill Creek, east of where Creston is now.   The mill had been built by George and Jesse Yenne. (Creston – a few <10> miles east of Kalispell on Hwy 2)
One of the first sawmills in Flathead Valley was built on Mill Creek near what is now Creston by George Yenne.   The mill was equipped with old-fashioned English gate saws that worked up and down.   A few years later,
ownership of the mill passed to Jesse Yenne who installed circular saws.   [A photo of the Yenne & Eccles Mill in 1890 found on this page.]

page 187 EAST OF THE FLATHEAD RIVER, by Linda Norem
The main establishment in Egan was a store started by Jesse Yenne, a well-known millman.   He started the first store in May, 1885.   William and Ralph Ramsdell bought out Yenne’s interests in December, 1887.
**Egan: Post office established in 1888, with Jesse Yenne as postmaster. Across the Flathead River and to the east of Demersville, about four miles.
page 189 THE UPPER MILL CREEK AREA, by Debbie Sanders and Keith Hammer
The first productive establishment to be started in this area was a small sawmill built by Jesse Yenne.   It was located upstream from the present fish hatchery, but it is now submerged in the Jessup Mill Pond.   At this time the area had not been cleared, and the creek, then known as Lang Creek, was still a free-flowing stream.
page 190 – The sawmill became known as the Yenne-Eccles Mill when Joseph Eccles entered into partnership with Yenne.   The mill did not become very productive and did not provide enough lumber for other areas, and so several years later Yenne, being a jack-of-all-grades, started a larger sawmill in conjunction with a grist mill farther downstream.   This allowed for the production of both finished lumber and a patent flour, equal to imported brands…
The first flour mill on the east side was erected by George M. and Jesse Yenne.   Jesse Yenne and James Lang had hauled the equipment through the snow from the west side of Flathead Lake during the winter of 1886-87.   It ran on Mill Creek, turning out excellent products but didn’t last long because the men didn’t own the water rights.
page 201 BIGFORK “The East Shore” – Jesse Yenney homesteaded on the east shore at what is now known as Yenney’s Point.   He is believed to be the first person to grow apples in the area.

Early Flathead and Tobacco Plains by Marie Cuffee Shea
copyright 1977 (out-of-print)
Flathead County Library Call # 978.68 Shea
page 57 – The village of Egan grew up about a mile east of the ferry on rich level land.   There were several nice residences, a good hotel and boarding house, blacksmith shop, livery stable, two saloons and an excellent store.
This store was first started in May, 1885, by Jess Yenne, and sold by him in December 1887 to Ralph and Billy Ramsdell.   The following February, 1888, three miles south of Egan on Lang Creek (sometimes called Mill Creek), George and Jesse Yenne started a grist mill for flour, and produced an excellent flour for many years; this soon developed into a sawmill and planer also, which with its bunkhouses and dining rooms, carpenter and blacksmith shop was almost a village in itself (Yenneville). The Yenne families later developed a fine fruit farm on the east shore of Flathead Lake.
page 79 – March, 1892:   B. J. McIntire made an “address” and signed up as one of the 30 charter members of the General Lyons Post of “old soldiers” organized March 11, 1892, at Conrad’s Hall, Kalispell.   Other “old soldiers” were McKay, Palmer, Plume, Ayres, Meyers, Emerson, Trent, Gregg, Sherer, Haak, Bowdish, Gregg, Wait, Hogue, Lloyd, Yenne, Judge, Apgar, Parsons, Lee and Burnham–this is only about half, all others are requested to become charter members at the next meeting.
page 105 – In 1887, the word that the Great Northern Railroad was building toward the Flathead offered another opportunity: the brothers bought out Jesse Yenne’s store at Egan…
FLATHEAD LAKE, FROM GLACIERS TO CHERRIES, by R.C. “Chuck” Robbin.   Call #   978.68 Robbin.   on pages 41 & 42. – Jesse Yenne homesteaded at what was known as Yenne’s Point around 1900.   The point is today known by that name.   Most of the fruit raised in the area were apples, with Yenne growing the first ones.   He was interested in logging, having logged the Weberg place south of Woods Bay and the Bellmore property about one half mile north of the same area.
Another book is “The Southeast Quarter” by Lloyd Fagerland.   It is a collection of stories about the people in the Bigfork and surrounding area.   Page 59 “local happenings 1914-1915″…Walter Hanson bought a Ford car and was learning to drive.   A week or two before that item made the news, there was a note that Walter Hart was giving Hanson a driving lesson. The car became disabled while attempting to turn around at Yennes and the pair had to walk back to town.
Page 63….Jesse Yenne, who originally settled in the Egan Community, now lived on the point at Woods Bay that bears his name.   The Yennes had changed their name from Yenney, which had the unusual distinction of being spelled the same from either end.   The “News” reported that Yenne was suffering from a severe case of gout, which he believed was caused from eating too many sour cherries.   Another story noted that he had sold $60 worth of beans to the Flathead Commercial.   Yenne had a large orchard with several different kinds of fruit trees.   – from Deborah Aldrich:
(J.C. Wood planted the first cherry trees consisting of the Bing and Royal Anne varieties.   He was also the first orchardist to test the possibilities of shipping cherries to distant markets. Wood’s cherries, shipped all the way to New York, came through in find shape, proving that Flathead cherries were some of the best shipping cherries in the nation, holding their flavor and quality for a week to 10 days under the right conditions.)

from the book:
“Before Kalispell: Demersville, Ashley, Egan, Half Moon, Salish”
by Paul Strong
page 29
…In 1887, Jesse Yenne opened a saw mill on Mill Creek south of Egan. This area he called Yenneville.   This was the first steam operated mill in the valley and provided much of the lumber for the town of Demersville.   In Dec., 1888, Yenne announced that he would build a grist mill to process grain.   This would eliminate the necessity of hauling grain the 120 miles to Missoula to have it floured.   This mill did not open until Jan., 1891.   The stones were shipped in from the Wahburn-Crosby Mill of Minneapolis.   The top stone weighed 1,000 pounds.   The name Yenneyville never stuck to this area though it became quite a settlement in its own rite.   Instead it was always considered a part of Egan, though it was located some ways from it. Before it disappeared, Yenneyville consisted of the saw mill, grist mill and a brewery.
page 35
…There is no record in the “interlake” of any legal action taken against the Indians.   Mr. Deschamp did site Yenne and Eccles for allowing saw dust to enter Mill Creek below their saw mill.   The Mill was located back from the river on the east side.   It was the first saw mill built on the east side and the first steam operated mill in the valley.   Yenne and Eccles were fined $50.00.
page 42
blurry photo of Yenne sawmill 1890.   Yenne and Eccles saw mill. First steam operated saw mill.   Provided lumber for Demersville.
page 45
…This may be why, when Demersville started to grow rapidly the “Dora” could be found moving back and forth between the Yenne saw mill and the Demersville dock.   Yenne had built a tram from the mill down to the rivers edge so that lumber could be loaded straight onto the “Dora” for transport across the river.
…This one was much larger than the “Grant” and built from lumber made in the Yenne Saw Mill.
page 80
Yenne is building a tram from his saw mill on Mill Creek, down to the river.   This will allow the transport of finished lumber down to the river where it can be easily loaded onto a barge (this is the “Dora”) and brought to Demersville.
page 89
December 4, 1891 “Interlake” newspaper. Yenne is looking for a new partner in his business at Egan.
Flathead County, MT, 1905 – 1906 Kalispell City Directory and Flathead County Directory
Surname: Yenne
Given Name: Jesse
Land Status: farmer
Land Description: W 022, 28, 21; 30, 26, 19, 144, $1,115
City: Big Fork
**1910 Census, Flathead Co, MT:
Jesse Yenne 50 M 19y VA US PA Carpenter;
Martha A. 44 0ch KY NC TN,
Joseph C. Albritton Father-in-law 74 Single NC
**1920 Census, Flathead Co, MT:
Jesse Yenne 59 WV,
Martha A. 57 KY,
Edith N Grand Niece 12 MT,
Earl R Grandnephew 9 MT
—Obit: passed away this morning [10 Dec 1938] at his home on the east shore
south of Bigfork; came to the Flathead 40years ago; was past 78y old; funeral
Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock; burial Conrad.
Headstone says Jesse Yenney. – abbreviated obit from Pat (Donahue) Calhoun   Jesse (Hebrew) God exists,   (biblical), gift; oblation; one who is a gift.


Martha Ann (Albrighton) Yenney / Yenne was born 17 Dec 1862 in (Graves) Kentucky.


Born during United States civil war.
Aunt Martha actually died in the County Hospital and had been there a year,
According to this death certificate name written as Yenney
Auntie Sadie said they had no children of their own, but did take care of Joe Yenne’s 2 kids for years…..Hmmm.   I have listed under my note that Jesse & Martha cared for the two kids these names:
Lee, Pete, George, Chub, Joe, and
Harry – he was Iris, Opal, Oral, and Arliss’s Dad – bfw
Patentee Name:
Document #: 01483
Accession/Serial #: 129475
BLM Serial #: MTKAL 0001483
Issue Date: May 12, 1910 ((signed same day as Joe Yenne))
Authority: July 1, 1864: SALE-TOWNSITE SETTLEMENT (13 Stat. 343)
Acres: 0.161
Land Office: KALISPELL
Montana Death Index, 1989-98 at
YENNEY , MARTHA A   father??: YENNEY died: 07 11 1956   age62 CASCADE County, MONTANA residence: CASCADE   MARRIED OR SEPARATED file# 263
Headstone says Martha A Yenney.
Obit: [Daily Inter Lake, 8 Nov 1956, p1,c6] widow of Jesse Yenney, res of
Flathead since 1889, native of Graves Co, KY; m 26 Oct 1890; made home at Egan near Creston where he operated a store & later a sawmill; 58y they moved to Flathead Lake near Wood Bay which was known as Yenney’s Point & operated an orchard; after he died in 1938 she moved to Kalispell; survived by 11 nieces & nephews: Judge Dean King of Kalispell; John Albritton of Somers; Thomas Sanford of Eugene OR; Morris Sanford of Helena; James Sanford of Salem OR; Elizabeth Carr of Linco NE; Lucy Hughs, NY, NY; William Hughs, Omaha NE; Virgil & Lucille Boyce in C; Carlisle King of Seattle WA; funeral Saturday, burial Conrad. – abreviated obit from Pat (Donahue) Calhoun

Spouse:    Martha Ann ALBRIGHTON
Birth:    17 Dec 1862, Graves Co. Ky
Death:    7 Nov 1956, Kalispell , MT
Father:    Joseph C ALBRIGHTON
Mother:    Elizabeth

1.3.12a Isaac Newton YENNE*
Birth:    5 Nov 1862, Wetzel W.V.
Death:    14 Jun 1948, Eugene OR

Living with Mother in 1880 census
Listed as Yenney in 1880 Census

Spouse:    Sarah Jane JOHNS
Birth:    13 Sep 1862, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
Death:    7 Oct 1892, Albany Or.
Marriage:    25 Jul 1880

Children:    Edward (1882-1962)
Maude May (1884-1962)
Frank Leroy (1886-)
Herbert (1887-1954)
Albert (1889-1891)
Walter Ray (1890-)

Other spouses:    Palmaria Frances YENNE

1.3.12a.1 Edward YENNE
Birth:    15 Dec 1882, Smith KS
Death:    17 May 1962, Lane Co. Oregon

Spouse:    Nellie VAN ALLEN
Birth:    abt 1896, Montana
Death:    18 Apr 1942, Pierce County Washington
Father:    VAN ALLEN

A patient in the Washington State Hopital In Steilacoom, Pierce County Washington in 1930
1930 United States Federal Census >Washington >Pierce >Steilacoom >District 87

Children:    Alice (~1899-)
Velma May (1914-2002)
Walter Edward (1916-1969)
Rosalie Elaine (1924-2002)
Eilleen (Living)

1.3.12a.2a Maude May YENNE*
Birth:    31 Aug 1884, Smith KS
Death:    1 Jul 1962, Marion County, Oregon

Spouse:    Frank JONES
Birth:    1879, Wisconsin
Death:    16 Dec 1918, Oregon

Children:    Johnie Franklin (Living)
Alfred Leroy (Living)
Nettie May (Living)
Mildred Jane (Living)
Sylvia Gertrude (Living)
Edna Grace (Living)

Other spouses:    Walter STOTLER

1.3.12a.2b Maude May YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    Walter STOTLER
Birth:    14 Aug 1886, Salem Oregon
Mother:    UNNAMED

Children:    Ella Mae (1922-1998)
Walter L. ( Buddie) (Living)

Other spouses:    Frank JONES

1.3.12a.3 Frank Leroy YENNE
Birth:    23 Jul 1886, Smith KS

Spouse:    Hazel B. PYLE
Birth:    abt 1893, Iowa

Children:    Alice Frankie (1912-2003)
Donald Ray (1914-1997)
Jack Milford (1918-1975)
Walter Dale (Living)

1.3.12a.4a Herbert YENNE*
Birth:    1 Jun 1887, Smith KS
Death:    1 Jun 1954, Mt. Vernon Washington

Spouse:    Jessie C. SEAMAN
Birth:    abt 1886, Michigan
Father:    SEAMAN
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    15 Dec 1903, Kalispell , MT

Children:    Carl (1907-1975)
Baby (1904-1904)

Other spouses:    Mary SWANSON

1.3.12a.4b Herbert YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    Mary SWANSON

Other spouses:    Jessie C. SEAMAN

1.3.12a.5 Albert YENNE
Birth:    23 Dec 1889, WV.
Death:    1891

1.3.12a.6 Walter Ray YENNE
Birth:    3 Oct 1890, Smith KS

Spouse:    Nora Fay HOISINGTON (Living)
Father:    William HOISINGTON  (1857-)
Mother:    Mary (1864-)

Children:    Fay Lenora (Living)
Walter Leroy (1919-1982)
James W. Jimmie (1923-1943)
Roy N. (1925-1993)

1.3.12b Isaac Newton YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    Palmaria Frances YENNE
Birth:    3 Oct 1875, Virginia
Death:    16 Dec 1918, Eugene OR
Father:    George M YENNE  (1840-1904)
Mother:    Elizabeth F. ECKELBERRY
Marriage:    8 Jul 1898, Red Cloud NE

Children:    Edwin J (1896-1964)
Goldie (1899-1962)
Lester (1900-1981)
Daisey (1903-1988)
Florance Delila (1904-1982)
Hazel Nadine (1908-1996)
Charles (1911-1911)

Other spouses:    Sarah Jane JOHNS

1.3.12b.1 Edwin J YENNE
Birth:    31 May 1896, Montana
Death:    15 May 1964, Lane Co. Oregon

Spouse:    Louise ANDERSON
Birth:    1899, Oregon
Father:    William A. ANDERSON  (1867-)
Mother:    Anna (1867-)
Marriage:    18 May 1922, Salem, Marion County, Oregon  ?

Goldie YENNE

1.3.12b.2 Goldie YENNE
Birth:    7 Jan 1899, Belaire KS
Death:    23 Jun 1962, Ashland OR.
Burial:    Sutter Cem.

Clarence Mumford FLETCHER

Spouse:    Clarence Mumford FLETCHER
Birth:    15 Jun 1890, Friend, Saline Co. NE
Death:    23 Oct 1972, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Father:    Byron Wesley FLETCHER  (1856-1935)
Mother:    Fannie Ella MUMFORD (1859-1945)

The Saline County Standard (Friend, NE), 20 June 1890, page 3, “Local Siftings” transcribed by Susan Tinney for the on 4 December 2005

BORN:–To Mr. and Mrs. Byron FLETCHER, on Sunday, June 15th, a son.

Marriage:    2 Jun 1923, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA

Children:    Charles Newton (1924-2004)

1.3.12b.3 Lester YENNE
Birth:    28 Oct 1900, Montana
Death:    10 Sep 1981, Lane Co. Oregon

Spouse:    Phebe Christine WILD
Birth:    19 Oct 1900, Nebraska
Death:    6 Feb 1982, Lane Co. Oregon
Marriage:    8 Nov 1922

Children:    Phyllis (Living)
Barbara (Living)

1.3.12b.4 Daisey YENNE
Birth:    3 Apr 1903, Flathead Co. MT
Death:    2 Jan 1988, Eugene OR

Living with her dad Isaac Newton Yenne in 1930

Spouse:    Lester Dale BOWERS
Birth:    4 May 1902, Oregon
Death:    5 Jun 1974, Multnomah Co. Oregon
Marriage:    10 Nov 1923, Eugene OR

Children:    Lester L. (Living)
Velma Jean (Living)
James Richard (Living)

1.3.12b.5 Florance Delila YENNE
Birth:    29 Dec 1904, Flathead Co. MT
Death:    Mar 1982, Springfield, Lane, Oregon

Spouse:    Franklin R. RANDLE
Birth:    15 Sep 1906, Eugene OR
Death:    14 Aug 1994, Springfield, Lane, Oregon
Father:    James N. RANDLE  (1859-<1920)
Mother:    Louisa H. (1869-)
Marriage:    abt 1926

Children:    Betty Joan
Jenet Louise

1.3.12b.6 Hazel Nadine YENNE
Birth:    6 Aug 1908, Flathead Co. MT
Death:    29 Dec 1996, Springfield, Lane, Oregon

Spouse:    Charles L BOWERS
Birth:    6 Feb 1906, Oregon
Death:    22 Nov 1988, Springfield, Lane, Oregon
Father:    BOWERS
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    2 May 1928, Eugene,  OR

Children:    Dolores June (1932-2005)
Donald Leroy (Living)

1.3.12b.7 Charles YENNE
Birth:    22 Sep 1911, Kalispell , MT
Death:    22 Sep 1911, Kalispell , MT

1.4 George YENNE
Birth:    17 May 1819, Pennsylvania
Death:    14 Apr 1863, Indiana

Living with the family in 1860 is a John G. age 77 b. Germany

Spouse:    Sarah Elizabeth ALBAUGH
Birth:    8 Feb 1822, Carroll County, OH
Death:    16 Nov 1912, Shoals, IN
Father:    William ALBAUGH  (1795-1875)
Mother:    Catherine SIMMONS (1797-1881)

Living with William Thomas Acre and daughter Sarah Jane Acre  in 1900 census

Children:    Sabina (1846-1902)
John William (1847-1920)
Mary Catherine (1849-1937)
Elizabeth (1851-1852)
Samuel Peter (1853-1938)
Joseph Austin (1855-1936)
Eli Perry (1857-1891)
Charles Henry (1858-1929)
Sarah Jane (1860-1942)

1.4.1 Sabina YENNE
Birth:    3 Apr 1846, Kilgore, Ohio
Death:    9 Nov 1902, Shoals, Indiana
Occupation:    Keeping House

Spouse:    Leander Chapman FISH
Birth:    3 Dec 1837, Orange Co. Indiana
Father:    FISH
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    13 Feb 1872, Martin County , IN

Children:    Mantia (1869-)
George Leander (1874-1928)
Mary Elizabeth (1877-)
Sarah Helen (1879-)
Dora (1883-)
Blance Annette (1880-)
Stella Ethel (1883-)
Laura (1886-) Mantia FISH
Birth:    1869, Indiana George Leander FISH
Birth:    10 Jul 1874, Indiana
Death:    7 Mar 1928

Spouse:    Effie May MOORE
Birth:    Apr 1878, Illinois
Marriage:    1895

Children:    Joyce Leander (1897-)
George (1898-)
Sheldon C. (Living) Mary Elizabeth FISH
Birth:    1877, Indiana

Spouse:    Edmund GWIN Sarah Helen FISH
Birth:    1879, Indiana

Spouse:    David Edwin LADUKE
Birth:    abt 1877, Indiana
Father:    LADUKE
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    19 Jun 1910

Children:    Albert Loree (Living)
David Leon (1913-1987)
Le ?? (Living)
Lois Helen (Living) Dora FISH
Birth:    17 Oct 1883, Martin Co. Indiana Blance Annette FISH
Birth:    13 Dec 1880

Spouse:    Wade BLEVINS Stella Ethel FISH
Birth:    17 Oct 1883

Living with Joseh A. & Hulda M. Yenne in 1910 Census

Spouse:    John Frank SPRINGSTUN

Children:    Mary Lucille (Living)
Minnie Lee (Living)
John Bradford
Helen Elizabeth (Living) Laura FISH
Birth:    30 Aug 1886

Spouse:    Loring Eyra RICKS
Marriage:    3 May 1910

Children:    Ruth (Living)
Robert Fish (Living)
Naomi (Living)
John Elija (Living)
Blanch (Living)
Marvin Dale (Living)

1.4.2a John William YENNE*
Birth:    25 Oct 1847, Carroll County, Ohio
Death:    15 Oct 1920, Long Beach, California

Spouse:    Sarah Mildred PEEK
Birth:    4 Oct 1850, Martin County, Indiana
Death:    1 Jan 1912
Marriage:    16 Dec 1869, Martin County , IN

Children:    Laura Bell (1870-1929)
Frank Austin (1874-1941)
Harry E. (1876-1909)
Ida M. (1879-1953)
Stella P. (1885-)

Other spouses:    Gertrude A. SHATTUCK

1.4.2a.1 Laura Bell YENNE
Birth:    16 Sep 1870, Shoals, Indiana
Death:    21 Apr 1929, Cherokee, Iowa

Spouse:    Harry D. ALFORD
Birth:    abt 1870, Iowa
Father:    George P. ALFORD  (1845-)
Mother:    Jennie (1846-)

I found this…..
Ithink there may be some errors in the old Yenne file

I am in the process of trying to figure this out, and
it appears to me that there was a Harry D. Alford
married to a Laura B.
But I have not found them listed with any children
(Mary – Gayland – Clyde)
and I think that Laura died or left before the 1920 census was taken (see below)
Harry D Alford b. abt 1870 Iowa
1910 United States Federal Census >Nebraska >Perkins >Liberty pct >District 170
Married to Laura Bell (Yenne- I think)
and living with them is
Alice B. Yenne listed as sisiter in law
Owen Yenne -nephew
Ozro Yenne -nephew
Mildred Yenne -niece

and it appears that Harry married Alice after Laura
died or left and raised the kids as his step children

In the 1920 U.S. Census •Colorado •Logan •Sterling • ED# 191
Shows Harry living with his wife Alice
now listing Step kids
Owen Yenne
Ozro Yenne
Mildred Yenne
and another daughter (name unclear)

In the 1930 United States Federal Census >Colorado >Logan >Sterling >District 25
He is shown with
wife Alice B.
step kids
Owen Yenne – Ozro Yenne –  and Mildred Yenne
and now a daughter – Billy Alford b. abt 1917 Colorado

Any Ideas or opinions ?????

Marriage:    10 Nov 1892

1.4.2a.2 Frank Austin YENNE
Birth:    4 Nov 1874, Shoals, Indiana
Death:    27 Sep 1941, Grant, Nebraska

Spouse:    Clarrie Elizabeth EDWARDS
Birth:    12 Dec 1878, Knox County, Illinois
Death:    15 Oct 1951, Grant, Perkins, Nebraska

Children:    Harold Austin (1902-1967)
Marguerite Helen (Living)

1.4.2a.3 Harry E. YENNE
Birth:    15 May 1876, Shoals, Indiana
Death:    28 Oct 1909, Grant, Nebraska

Spouse:    Alice B. COURTWRIGHT
Birth:    abt 1885, Nebraska

Living with brother in law Harry D. Alford in 1910 census

Marriage:    28 Jun 1902

Children:    Owen (1903-)
Ozro L. (1905-1990)
Mildred (Living)

1.4.2a.4 Ida M. YENNE
Birth:    10 Dec 1879, Shoals, Indiana
Death:    3 Sep 1953, Souix City, Iowa

Spouse:    Marshall PALMERTON
Birth:    abt 1878, Nebraska
Father:    John P. PALMERTON  (~1836-)
Mother:    Adelize (~1843-)

Living with the family is William Yenne 30 b. Indiana

Marriage:    25 Aug 1900, Omaha, NE

Children:    Lenore May (Living)
Fay A. (1907-1965)
Olive Irene (Living)
Helen Louise (Living)

1.4.2a.5 Stella P. YENNE
Birth:    Mar 1885, Nebraska

1.4.2b John William YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    Gertrude A. SHATTUCK
Birth:    1858, Massachusetts
Marriage:    1919

Other spouses:    Sarah Mildred PEEK

1.4.3 Mary Catherine YENNE
Birth:    3 Jun 1849, Ohio
Death:    26 Jun 1937
Occupation:    Keeping House

Spouse:    James Albert WILLIAMS
Birth:    Oct 1842, Indiana
Father:    WILLIAMS
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    14 Jun 1868, Martin

Children:    George Arthur (1869-)
Ellen (Effie May) (~1874-)
Emma Rue (~1877-)
James Albert (~1879-)
Merlie Sherlie (1883-1967)
Ernest Eli
Grace (1886-)
Ethel Irene George Arthur WILLIAMS
Birth:    May 1869, Indiana

Spouse:    Josephine WITCHER
Birth:    Mar 1872, Indiana
Marriage:    27 Oct 1896, Martin County, Indiana

Children:    Jennie M. (1898-)
Herbert (Living)
Herschale (Living)
Minnie B. (Living) Ellen (Effie May) WILLIAMS
Birth:    abt 1874, Indiana Emma Rue WILLIAMS
Birth:    abt 1877, Indiana James Albert WILLIAMS
Birth:    abt 1879, Indiana

Spouse:    Pearl C. BROWN
Birth:    abt 1885, Indiana
Marriage:    8 Aug 1907, Martin

Children:    Alberta H. (Living) Merlie Sherlie WILLIAMS
Birth:    16 Jul 1883, Indiana
Death:    5 Jul 1967, Fresno, Ca. Ella WILLIAMS
————————————————– Ernest Eli WILLIAMS
————————————————– Grace WILLIAMS
Birth:    24 Mar 1886, Martin  Co. Indiana Ethel Irene WILLIAMS

1.4.4 Elizabeth YENNE
Birth:    22 Mar 1851, Pennsylvania
Death:    28 Aug 1852

1.4.5 Samuel Peter YENNE
Birth:    25 Jan 1853, Carroll County, OH
Death:    1 Feb 1938

Listed as Peter Yenne in the 1880 Census

Spouse:    Malissie PEEK
Birth:    Aug 1852, Indiana

Children:    Mable (1877-) Mable YENNE
Birth:    5 Jul 1877, Indiana

Spouse:    Edward D. COURTNEY
Marriage:    2 Jan 1907, Martin Co. Indiana

1.4.6 Joseph Austin YENNE
Birth:    4 Jan 1855, Indiana
Death:    8 Dec 1936, Long Beach, California

in the 1910 census Living with Joseph is
Stella E. Fish listed as niece, and Homer A. Acre listed as Nephew

Spouse:    Hulda Marilda HUNGERFORD
Birth:    abt 1862, Michigan
Death:    20 May 1918
Marriage:    10 Aug 1879, Orange County Indiana

Children:    Minnie (~1880-)
Sophia Helen (1882-)
Lena (1886-1907)
Foss (1893-1958)
Herbert Austin (1898-1993) Minnie YENNE
Birth:    abt 1880 Sophia Helen YENNE
Birth:    8 Oct 1882, Indiana Lena YENNE
Birth:    Aug 1886, Shoals Indiana
Death:    17 Jul 1907, Denver Colorado

Spouse:    Frank POTTER
Birth:    Iowa

Children:    Helen Elizabeth (1907-1990)
Allina (Living) Foss YENNE
Birth:    27 Nov 1893, Nebraska
Death:    27 Sep 1958, Fort Morgan Colorado

Spouse:    Helen PARMENTER
Birth:    abt 1895, Illinois
Father:    PARMENTER
Mother:    UNNAMED

Children:    Keith Austin (1914-1988)
Betty Jane (Living)
Herbert E. (1937-2004) Herbert Austin YENNE
Birth:    20 Aug 1898, Lincoln Nebraska
Death:    3 Apr 1993, Corvallis, Benton, Oregon

1.4.7 Eli Perry YENNE
Birth:    6 Feb 1857, Shoals Indiana
Death:    13 Feb 1891, Shoals Indiana

Spouse:    Mary Ellen MARLEY
Birth:    Apr 1869, Indiana

Children:    Caddie May (1888-1889)
Madge Janet (1890-1989) Caddie May YENNE
Birth:    22 Mar 1888, Shoals Indiana
Death:    25 Mar 1889, Shoals Indiana Madge Janet YENNE
Birth:    25 Apr 1890, Shoals Indiana
Death:    12 Sep 1989, La Junta, Otero, Colorado
Birth:    25 Apr 1890, Shoals Indiana

Spouse:    James Benjamin PEARCE
Birth:    29 Aug 1865, Ohio
Father:    PEARCE
Marriage:    10 Aug 1927

Children:    Janet Ellen (Living)

1.4.8a Charles Henry YENNE*
Birth:    30 Nov 1858, Shoals, Indiana
Death:    16 Aug 1929, Washington, Indiana

Spouse:    Dora (Sedora) SHIREY
Birth:    25 Sep 1858, Doverhill Martin Indiana
Death:    18 Jun 1896, Washington, Indiana
Father:    Michael E. SHIREY  (1832-)
Mother:    Araminta DAVIDSON (1835-1905)
Marriage:    25 Apr 1883, Martin Co. Indiana

Children:    Ralph Vernon (1884-1919)
Edna (1886-)
Claudia Marie (1888-1956)
Harlan Shirey (1889-1988)

Other spouses:    Mary Ellen MARLEY

1.4.8a.1 Ralph Vernon YENNE
Birth:    22 Mar 1884, Shoals, Indiana
Death:    16 Apr 1919, Indianapolis, Indiana

Spouse:    Bessie Myrtle BENNETT
Birth:    10 Dec 1884, Washington, Indiana
Father:    James F. BENNETT  (1859-)
Mother:    Nellie TOLSON (~1866-)

Children:    John Oliver (1911-1989)
Robert Frank (1913-2001)
Mark Ralph (1918-2002)

1.4.8a.2 Edna YENNE
Birth:    9 Jul 1886, Indiama

Living with grandfather Michael El Shirey in 1910 Census

Spouse:    UNCAPHER

1.4.8a.3 Claudia Marie YENNE
Birth:    12 Feb 1888
Death:    15 Jul 1956, Blue Hill Nebraska

1.4.8a.4 Harlan Shirey YENNE
Birth:    16 Nov 1889, Owensburg, Indiana
Death:    14 May 1988, Ohio
Birth:    1890

Spouse:    Harriette Beane GEDDES
Birth:    7 Mar 1894, Illinois
Death:    Apr 1971, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Mother:    Harriette A. (~1855-)
Marriage:    16 Mar 1918, Elkhart, Indiana

Children:    Harrieta A. (Living)
Mary L. (Living)
Jr. Harlan S.  Jr. (1925-1973)
Dora (Living)

1.4.8a.5 Sheldon YENNE

1.4.8b Charles Henry YENNE* (See above)

Spouse:    Mary Ellen MARLEY
Birth:    Apr 1869, Indiana
Marriage:    2 May 1897, Martin Co. Indiana

Children:    Leah Albaugh (1898-1973)
(Sarah )Elizabeth (Living)

Other spouses:    Dora (Sedora) SHIREY

1.4.8b.1 Leah Albaugh YENNE
Birth:    20 May 1898, Washington, Indiana
Death:    9 Nov 1973, Marion County, Florida

Spouse:    Morton Elisha WRIGHT
Birth:    1 Apr 1897, Portland, Jay, Indiana
Death:    23 Mar 1977, Marion County, Florida
Father:    WRIGHT
Mother:    UNNAMED

Listed as Marton E. Wright in the 1930 Census

Marriage:    1 May 1919, Daviess Co. Indiana

Children:    Mary Elizabeth (Living)
Virginia Louise (Living)
Barbara Ellen (Living)

1.4.8b.2 (Sarah )Elizabeth YENNE (Living)

Spouse:    Lincoln J. CARTER  Jr.
Birth:    25 Apr 1900, Chicago, Illinois
Death:    Oct 1986, South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana
Father:    Lincoln J. CARTER  (1865-1926)
Mother:    Frances (1861-)

Children:    Janice Elizabeth (Living)

1.4.9 Sarah Jane YENNE
Birth:    11 Oct 1860, Shoals, IN
Death:    26 Sep 1942, Los Angeles< California
Burial:    Inglewood Park Cemetery, Los Angeles.

Living with daughter Ocie Kurtz in 1920 &1930 Census
Mrs. Sarah J. (Yenne) Acre, former Martin County Walnut, who passed away at 8:20 Saturday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ocie (Acre) Kurtz, at Los Angeles, California; following a week’s illness of pneumonia. She also suffered a stroke and was unconscious for 48 hours before her death. Deceased was the widow of of Thomas J. Acre, former well-known Halbert Township farmer. She would have been 82 years of age the 11th of this month. Surviving besides the daughter, in whose home she passed way are three sons, Edward Acre, of Brush, Colorado; Homer Acre of Fort Morgan, Colorado; and Harlan Acre of Los Angeles. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon and burial was made in the Inglewood Park Cemetery, Los Angeles. Mrs. Arnold Klemke, Mrs. Ella Witcher and Mrs. Emma Freeman, of this city are nieces of the deceased.
More About Sarah Jane Yenne:
Burial: Inglewood Park, Los Angeles Co., CA

Spouse:    William Thomas ACRE
Birth:    30 Apr 1855, Shoals Indiana
Death:    2 Jan 1910, Halbert Township, Indiana
Father:    Joseph ACRE  (~1831-)
Mother:    Caroline HAMILTON (~1836-)

Listed as Thomas in the 1900 census
William Thomas Acre, son of Joseph and Caroline Acre, was born in Martin County, April 30, 1885, and died at his home near this city, Jan. 2,1910, aged 54 years, eight months and to days. The deceased was one of the most highly respected citizens of the county and was beloved by all knew him. He was a social and genial disposition which drew friends to have and held their friendship in future years. Thomas Acre has not lived in vain as he performed every obligation in life as a Christian gentleman and a citizen with strict fidelity and honesty and his death will be a loss to the community in which he resided. He was united in marriage to Miss Jennie Yenne on December 16,1880, and on to this union for more than seven children, three of the died in infancy. To widow and four children: Edward P., Homer B., Harlan L., and Ocie C. Acre survive him. He also leaves four brothers, J. H. Acre of WaKeeney Kansas; Frank B. Acre of Collyer, Kansas, Charles E. Acre of Halbert Township; and Albert B. Acre of Halbert Township; and one sister Miss Sarah E. Keith, of Paoli. His aged mother Mrs. Caroline Snyder of Inronton also survive him. He was a member of the Methodist church and lived a Christian life even to the end. Burial was in the Springhill Cemetery.

Marriage:    15 Dec 1880, Martin Co. Indiana

Children:    Edward Perry (1881-1943)
Homer Blaine (1883-1963)
Harlan Quincy (1886-1965)
Ocie Cornelia (1887-1965) Edward Perry ACRE
Birth:    5 Sep 1881, Indiama
Death:    16 Sep 1943, Fort Morgan,  CO

Spouse:    Elizabeth  (Lizzie) RENNEKER
Birth:    18 Mar 1884, Martin County, Indiana
Death:    13 Oct 1946, Fort Morgan,  CO
Father:    William M. RENNEKER  (1856-)
Mother:    Rebecca ZOLLARS (1855-)
Marriage:    12 Feb 1905, Martin Co. Indiana

Children:    Dorothy M. (~1906-1953)
Horace Ellsworth (1910-1978)
Hazel (1912-2003)
Walter Edward (Living)
Lloyd Homer (1919-1991)
Leland Howard (1923-1983) Homer Blaine ACRE
Birth:    30 Aug 1883, Indiana
Death:    16 Oct 1963, Fort Morgan,  CO

Living  in Ft Morgan Colorado according to his mothers obit

Spouse:    Maud RINK
Birth:    20 Sep 1889
Death:    Aug 1984
Marriage:    31 Jul 1918

Children:    Lois Irene (Living)
Faye Carol (Living) Harlan Quincy ACRE
Birth:    24 Jan 1886, Indiana
Death:    17 Jul 1965, Los Angeles, Ca.

Spouse:    Blanche M. MILLER
Birth:    20 Nov 1890, Kansas
Death:    Aug 1981, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas
Father:    Martin MILLER  (1854-)
Mother:    Catherine (1855-)
Marriage:    17 Jul 1924 Ocie Cornelia ACRE
Birth:    22 Sep 1887, Indiana
Death:    13 Jan 1965, LOS ANGELES

Living in Los Angeles Ca. according to her mothers obit

Spouse:    Harry Bare KURTZ
Birth:    1 Jul 1886, Missouri
Death:    4 Mar 1968, LOS ANGELES
Father:    Hess ? KURTZ  (~1851-)
Mother:    Sallie (1852-)

Children:    Helen Louise (1915-1994)
Edna Maxine (Living)

1.5 Susan YENNE
Birth:    abt 1821

1.6 Anna Marie YENNE
Birth:    17 Aug 1824, York Pennsylvania

1.7 Joseph YENNE
Birth:    24 Jul 1828, Litle York Pennsylvania

Living with the family in 1860
was George M. Yenne age 19

Spouse:    Rebecca Anne SENTEE
Birth:    abt 1832, Virginia
Father:    John SENTEE  (1805-)
Mother:    Nancy Ann (1806-)
Marriage:    abt 1851

Children:    George Washington (1852-1920)
John William (1854-)
Thomas Jefferson (1859-)
Soloman Perry
Anna Mary

1.7.1 George Washington YENNE
Birth:    15 Oct 1852, Knob Fork West Virginia
Death:    2 Jul 1920, BOISE, Ada Co., Idaho

Spouse:    Mary BRUNER
Birth:    13 Jan 1868, Illinois
Death:    18 Nov 1922, Boise, Ada Co., Idaho

Children:    Ina Maude (1886-)
Charles Henry (1888-1965)
Samuel Perry (1890-)
Nora Ellen (1892-1973)
Martha Jane (1893-)
Ruth Ann (1895-1988)
George Arthur (Living) Ina Maude YENNE
Birth:    9 Sep 1886, Hay Springs, Nebraska

Spouse:    William Noah BURDICK
Birth:    12 Jul 1880, Illinois
Father:    BURDICK
Marriage:    9 Sep 1907, Boise, Ada Co., Idaho

Children:    Mary Agnes (Living)
Loraine (Living) Charles Henry YENNE
Birth:    19 Apr 1888, Hay Springs, Nebraska
Death:    May 1965, Vashon, King, Washington

Spouse:    Myrtle T. YARYAN
Birth:    abt 1880, Idaho
Father:    William YARYAN  (1868-)
Mother:    Mary T. (1862-)
Marriage:    30 Mar 1919, Boise, Ada Co., Idaho Samuel Perry YENNE
Birth:    9 Dec 1890, Hay Springs, Nebraska
Occupation:    Laborer

Spouse:    Edith Ethel WHITE (Living)
Father:    WHITE
Mother:    UNNAMED

Children:    Edward Everett “Eddie” (1927-1992)
Martha Lucille (Living) Nora Ellen YENNE
Birth:    10 Feb 1892, Hay Springs, Nebraska
Death:    Oct 1973, Boise, Ada, Idaho

Spouse:    William BRUCH
Birth:    abt 1872, Pike County, Missouri
Father:    Pius BRUCH  (1845-1931)
Mother:    Magdelina ( Margaret) SCHWEND (1846-1882)

istory Of Idaho The Gem Of The Mountains 1920 Vol. 3  •
Biographical  • Thomas Healy

William Bruch, a rancher who owns and occupies
a well improved property south east of South Boise, was born
in Pike County, Missouri, February 25 1872, a son of Pius and
Margaret   (Schwend) Bruch, both of whom were natives of
Germany, where they were   married on the 14th of August 1868.
They soon came to the United States, making   their way at once
to the state of Missouri, arriving at St Louis   on the 8th of March
1869. Pius Bruch lived in St Louis through one winter. He latter
purchased a farm in Pike county, upon which the birth of his son
William occurred. The mother died February 13,   1882, when the
son was ten years of age.
The father survives and is now living with Mr. Bruch of this
review at the age of seventy-five, his birth having occurred in
Baden, Germany, April 16, 1845, while his wife was born March
27, 1846, and was therefore but thirty-six years of age at the time
of her   death.
William Bruch spent the first sixteen years of his life upon the
home farm in Pike county and then started out in the world on his
own account. He first   went to Nebraska, where he resided for
two years, while later he   spent eight years in Colorado
and in 1898 came to Idaho. Through the intervening years he
has resided in the vicinity of Boise and throughout his entire life he
has followed farming. In 1904 he purchased a six acre tract of
land just outside the suburb of Ivywild, South Boise,
erected thereon a good residence and barn and has
developed it into a beautiful suburban home. Later he bought
thirty-two acres of valuable level land adjoining, for which he paid
three hundred dollars per acre, and today it is worth much more
than this. He now has all he can well manage alone, for thirty-eight
acres of Boise valley irrigated land is an excellent property for one
On the 24th of December 1912, Mr Bruch was married to
Miss Ellen Yenne, who was born in Nebraska, February 10, 1892,
a daughter of George Washington and Mary (Bruner) Yenne. Mrs.
Bruch came with her parents to Idaho in 1901 and after a brief
period spent at Mackay the family removed to Boise and her
father and mother are still residing on the bench near Boise.
Mr and Mrs. Bruch are the parents of three children:
Gladys who was born November 19, 1913; Bernice, whose
birth occurred September 20, 1915; and William, whose natal day
was March 26, 1918.
Both Mr and Mrs Bruch are members of the Congregational
church and are supporters of the republican party. They are
widely and favorably known in the community in which they
and they have won a substantial measure of success in
connection with their ranching interest. While Mr Bruch attends to
the development of the fields, his wife conducts a rabbitry stocked
with New Zealand reds, and   every phase of   their business is
proving profitable.

transcribed by G. Fletcher 2005

Marriage:    24 Dec 1912

Children:    Gladys Irene (1913-1995)
Burnice M. (Living)
Pauline (1921-1999)
Donald Claud (1926-2002)
William (Living) Martha Jane YENNE
Birth:    10 Aug 1893, Hay Springs, Nebraska

Servant in 1930 Ruth Ann YENNE
Birth:    2 Sep 1895, Hay Springs, Nebraska
Death:    24 Apr 1988, Boise, Ada, Idaho

Spouse:    Harry C. PARNELL George Arthur YENNE (Living)

1.7.2 John William YENNE
Birth:    8 Oct 1854, KnobsFork West Virginia

Spouse:    Annie BRUNNER
Birth:    1859, Indiana

Children:    Frank (1895-1965)
Anndell (Annabell) (1897-1943)
Mildred R. (Living)
Lois H. (Living) Frank YENNE
Birth:    24 Nov 1895, Utah
Death:    Dec 1965, Washington Anndell (Annabell) YENNE
Birth:    17 Oct 1897, Utah
Death:    12 Jul 1943, VENTURA, California Mildred R. YENNE (Living)
————————————————– Lois H. YENNE (Living)

1.7.3 Thomas Jefferson YENNE
Birth:    2 Mar 1859, B&ORR,  West Virginia

1.7.4 Soloman Perry YENNE

1.7.5 Anna Mary YENNE


Adelize    parent of spouse of 1.4.2a.4
Anna    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.1
Catherine    parent of spouse of
Elizabeth    parent of spouse of 1.3.11
Frances    parent of spouse of 1.4.8b.2
Harriette A.    parent of spouse of 1.4.8a.4
Jennie    parent of spouse of 1.4.2a.1
Kathyran    spouse of
Louisa H.    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.5
Margaret    parent of spouse of
Mary    spouse of
Mary    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.6
Mary T.    parent of spouse of
Nancy Ann    parent of spouse of 1.7
Sallie    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    spouse of 1.3.10
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.6
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.4a
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.7
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.3
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.1
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.8b.1
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.2b
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Vesta A.    spouse of
Dorothy M.    child of
Edward Perry
Faye Carol    child of
Harlan Quincy
Hazel    child of
Homer Blaine
Horace Ellsworth    child of
Joseph    parent of spouse of 1.4.9
Leland Howard    child of
Lloyd Homer    child of
Lois Irene    child of
Ocie Cornelia
Walter Edward    child of
William Thomas    spouse of 1.4.9
Sarah Elizabeth    spouse of 1.4
William    parent of spouse of 1.4
Joseph C    parent of spouse of 1.3.11
Martha Ann    spouse of 1.3.11
George P.    parent of spouse of 1.4.2a.1
Harry D.    spouse of 1.4.2a.1
UNNAMED (VAN)    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.1
Nellie (VAN)    spouse of 1.3.12a.1
Louise    spouse of 1.3.12b.1
William A.    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.1
Bessie Myrtle    spouse of 1.4.8a.1
James F.    parent of spouse of 1.4.8a.1
Wade    spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.6
Charles L    spouse of 1.3.12b.6
Dolores June    child of 1.3.12b.6
Donald Leroy    child of 1.3.12b.6
James Richard    child of 1.3.12b.4
Lester Dale    spouse of 1.3.12b.4
Lester L.    child of 1.3.12b.4
Velma Jean    child of 1.3.12b.4
Pearl C.    spouse of
Burnice M.    child of
Donald Claud    child of
Gladys Irene    child of
Pauline    child of
Pius    parent of spouse of
William    spouse of
William    child of
Mary    spouse of 1.7.1
Annie    spouse of 1.7.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.7
Eliza    spouse of 1.3.7
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Loraine    child of
Mary Agnes    child of
William Noah    spouse of
Ann (Etta)    parent of spouse of 1.3.3
Janice Elizabeth    child of 1.4.8b.2
Lincoln J.    parent of spouse of 1.4.8b.2
Lincoln J.  Jr.    spouse of 1.4.8b.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Mary Irene    spouse of
Edward D.    spouse of
Alice B.    spouse of 1.4.2a.3
Araminta    parent of spouse of 1.4.8a
Elizabeth F.    spouse of 1.3.1a
Elizabeth F.    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b
Sarah    parent of spouse of 1.3.1b
Clarrie Elizabeth    spouse of 1.4.2a.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.1
Blance Annette
George    child of
George Leander
Joyce Leander    child of
Leander Chapman    spouse of 1.4.1
Mary Elizabeth
Sarah Helen
Sheldon C.    child of
Stella Ethel
Byron Wesley    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.2
Charles Newton    child of 1.3.12b.2
Clarence Mumford    spouse of 1.3.12b.2
Henry    parent of spouse of 1.3.1b
Sophia    spouse of 1.3.1b
Harriette Beane    spouse of 1.4.8a.4
Evaline    spouse of
John L.    parent of spouse of
Norton    spouse of
Edmund    spouse of
Mary Wilson    spouse of 1.3.8
Caroline    parent of spouse of 1.4.9
Nora Fay    spouse of 1.3.12a.6
William    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.6
Hulda Marilda    spouse of 1.4.6
Sarah Jane    spouse of 1.3.12a
Mary Magdelena    spouse of 1
Alfred Leroy    child of 1.3.12a.2a
Edna Grace    child of 1.3.12a.2a
Frank    spouse of 1.3.12a.2a
Johnie Franklin    child of 1.3.12a.2a
Mildred Jane    child of 1.3.12a.2a
Nettie May    child of 1.3.12a.2a
Sylvia Gertrude    child of 1.3.12a.2a
John    spouse of 1.3.6
Archie E.    child of
Hattie E.    child of
James C.    spouse of
James Everet    child of
Ora  Osdrew    child of
Harriet A.    spouse of 1.3.1a.1
Edna Maxine    child of
Harry Bare    spouse of
Helen Louise    child of
Hess ?    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Albert Loree    child of
David Edwin    spouse of
David Leon    child of
Le ??    child of
Lois Helen    child of
Gussie    spouse of
Mary Ellen    spouse of 1.4.7
Mary Ellen    spouse of 1.4.8b
Daniel    spouse of 1.3.9
Baby    child of
Bessie    child of
Gladys Mary    child of
Louis  (Lewis) Henry    child of
Louis H.    spouse of
Mable Eliza    child of
Myrtle Marie    child of
Nettie A.    child of
Raleigh Edward    child of
Sarah (Sadie ) Amber    child of
Thomas Samuel    child of
Blanche M.    spouse of
Martin    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    spouse of 1.3.2
Effie May    spouse of
Fannie Ella    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Mary Ethel ( Minnie)    spouse of
Fay A.    child of 1.4.2a.4
Helen Louise    child of 1.4.2a.4
John P.    parent of spouse of 1.4.2a.4
Lenore May    child of 1.4.2a.4
Marshall    spouse of 1.4.2a.4
Olive Irene    child of 1.4.2a.4
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Helen    spouse of
Harry C.    spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
James Benjamin    spouse of
Janet Ellen    child of
Malissie    spouse of 1.4.5
Sarah Mildred    spouse of 1.4.2a
Allina    child of
Frank    spouse of
Helen Elizabeth    child of
Hazel B.    spouse of 1.3.12a.3
Betty Joan    child of 1.3.12b.5
Jenet Louise    child of 1.3.12b.5
Franklin R.    spouse of 1.3.12b.5
James N.    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b.5
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Mollie    spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3
Elizabeth  (Lizzie)    spouse of
Rachel    spouse of 1.3
William M.    parent of spouse of
Blanch    child of
John Elija    child of
Loring Eyra    spouse of
Marvin Dale    child of
Naomi    child of
Robert Fish    child of
Ruth    child of
Maud    spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Magdelina ( Margaret)    parent of spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.4a
Jessie C.    spouse of 1.3.12a.4a
Rubie    spouse of
John    parent of spouse of 1.7
Rebecca Anne    spouse of 1.7
Gertrude A.    spouse of 1.4.2b
Dora (Sedora)    spouse of 1.4.8a
Michael E.    parent of spouse of 1.4.8a
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
John    spouse of
Thomas Everett    child of
Wilber Manuel    child of
Catherine    parent of spouse of 1.4
Helen Elizabeth    child of
John Bradford    child of
John Frank    spouse of
Mary Lucille    child of
Minnie Lee    child of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.3.12a.2b
Eliza S.
Jesse B.
Samuel    spouse of 1.3.4
Thomas J.
William H.
Charles A.    child of 1.3.1a.3
Clara ( I Think)    child of 1.3.1a.3
Edna    child of 1.3.1a.3
Elizabeth Lizzie    child of 1.3.1a.3
James Nicholas    spouse of 1.3.1a.3
Robert J.    child of 1.3.1a.3
Rosa Bell    child of 1.3.1a.3
William D.    child of 1.3.1a.3
Walter    spouse of 1.3.12a.2b
Walter L. ( Buddie)    child of 1.3.12a.2b
Ella Mae    child of 1.3.12a.2b
Mary    spouse of 1.3.12a.4b
Nellie    parent of spouse of 1.4.8a.1
UNNAMED    spouse of 1.4.8a.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of
Edith Ethel    spouse of
Phebe Christine    spouse of 1.3.12b.3
Levi E.    parent of spouse of 1.3.3
Sophia (Sophronia)    parent of spouse of 1.3.1a.2
Sophia (Sophronia)    spouse of 1.3.3
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.3
Alberta H.    child of
Ellen (Effie May)
Emma Rue
Ernest Eli
Ethel Irene
George Arthur
Herbert    child of
Herschale    child of
James Albert    spouse of 1.4.3
James Albert
Jennie M.    child of
Merlie Sherlie
Minnie B.    child of
Josephine    spouse of
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.8b.1
Barbara Ellen    child of 1.4.8b.1
Mary Elizabeth    child of 1.4.8b.1
Morton Elisha    spouse of 1.4.8b.1
Virginia Louise    child of 1.4.8b.1
Myrtle T.    spouse of
William    parent of spouse of
Albert    1.3.12a.5
Alice    child of 1.3.12a.1
Alice Frankie    child of 1.3.12a.3
Alma M.
Anna M.
Anna Marie    1.6
Anna Marie    child of
Anna Mary    1.7.5
Anndell (Annabell)
Arlis Lloyd    child of
Arthur    child of
Baby    child of 1.3.12a.4a
Baby Boy    child of
Barbara    child of 1.3.12b.3
Bernice Mae    child of
Betty Jane    child of
Beulah Jane    child of
Caddie May
Carl    child of 1.3.12a.4a
Caroline    1.3.6
Catherine    1.2
Charles    1.3.12b.7
Charles Ellsworth    child of
Charles Henry    1.4.8a
Charles Henry
Claudia Marie    1.4.8a.3
Clifford Samuel    child of
Clyde Bernard    child of
Daisey    1.3.12b.4
Donald    child of
Donald Ray    child of 1.3.12a.3
Dora    child of
Dora    child of 1.4.8a.4
E Mma
Earl R.    child of
Edith May    child of
Edna    1.4.8a.2
Edward    1.3.12a.1
Edward Everett “Eddie”    child of
Edwin J    1.3.12b.1
Eilleen    child of 1.3.12a.1
Eli Perry    1.4.7
Elizabeth    1.1
Elizabeth    1.3.5
Elizabeth    1.4.4
Etta May
Fay Lenora    child of 1.3.12a.6
Florance Delila    1.3.12b.5
Florence Mildred    child of
Frances Marlarene    child of
Frank Austin    1.4.2a.2
Frank Leroy    1.3.12a.3
George    1.4
George Arthur
George E.    1.3.1a.4
George E.
George M    1.3.1a
George M    parent of spouse of 1.3.12b
George Washington    1.7.1
Goldie    1.3.12b.2
Jr. Harlan S.  Jr.    child of 1.4.8a.4
Harlan Shirey    1.4.8a.4
Harold Austin    child of 1.4.2a.2
Harrieta A.    child of 1.4.8a.4
Harry E.    1.4.2a.3
Hazel Nadine    1.3.12b.6
Henry    1.3
Henry J.
Henry Jackson    1.3.8
Herbert    1.3.12a.4a
Herbert Austin
Herbert E.    child of
Ida M.    1.4.2a.4
Ina Maude
Isaac Newton    1.3.12a
Ivis Clyde    child of
Jack Milford    child of 1.3.12a.3
James    1.3.1a.5
James W. Jimmie    child of 1.3.12a.6
Jamima    1.3.10
Jesse    1.3.11
John George    1
John Oliver    child of 1.4.8a.1
John William    1.4.2a
John William    1.7.2
Joseph    1.7
Joseph Austin    1.4.6
Joseph C.
Keith Austin    child of
Laura Bell    1.4.2a.1
Leah Albaugh    1.4.8b.1
Leola Belle    child of 1.3.1a.2
Lester    1.3.12b.3
Levi E.
Lilla Bell
Lois H.
Madge Janet
Mahala    1.3.9
Maiville ?    child of
Marguerite Helen    child of 1.4.2a.2
Mark Ralph    child of 1.4.8a.1
Martha Jane
Martha Lucille    child of
Mary    1.3.2
Mary    child of
Mary Catherine    1.4.3
Mary L.    child of 1.4.8a.4
Maude May    1.3.12a.2a
Mildred    child of 1.4.2a.3
Mildred R.
Nora Ellen
Opal    child of
Ora    child of
Osdrew C.
Owen    child of 1.4.2a.3
Ozro L.    child of 1.4.2a.3
Palmaria Frances    1.3.1a.6
Peter S.
Phyllis    child of 1.3.12b.3
Ralph    child of
Ralph Vernon    1.4.8a.1
Raymond    child of
Richard M.    1.3.1a.1
Robert Frank    child of 1.4.8a.1
Rosalie Elaine    child of 1.3.12a.1
Roy N.    child of 1.3.12a.6
Ruth Ann
Sabina    1.4.1
Samuel    parent of spouse of 1.3.1a.2
Samuel    1.3.3
Samuel Jefferson    1.3.1a.2
Samuel Perry
Samuel Peter    1.4.5
(Sarah )Elizabeth    1.4.8b.2
Sarah Jane    1.4.9
Sarah Katherine    1.3.1a.3
Sheldon    1.4.8a.5
Soloman Perry    1.7.4
Sophia Helen
Sophonia (Sophia)
Sophonia (Sophia) Elizabeth    child of 1.3.1a.2
Stella P.    1.4.2a.5
Susan    1.5
Susan    1.3.4
Thomas Jefferson    1.7.3
Tom Peter    child of
Velma May    child of 1.3.12a.1
Walter Dale    child of 1.3.12a.3
Walter Edward    child of 1.3.12a.1
Walter Leroy    child of 1.3.12a.6
Walter Ray    1.3.12a.6
William    1.3.7
William Arthur
William Joseph    child of
Rebecca    parent of spouse of

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