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Alley Descendants

1 Horatio Gates ALLEY
Birth:    1 Jan 1821, IN
Death:    6 May 1906, Mercer Mo
Father:    ALLEY
Mother:    UNNAMED

Listed as O H G Alley in 1850 census

1900 United States Federal Census >Missouri >Mercer >Marion >District 116  Living with  his grandson Anthony Hicks

Spouse:    Celia FUGIT
Birth:    1824, Indiana
Death:    19 Jun 1893, Mercer Co Missouri
Father:    FUGIT
Mother:    UNNAMED

Children:    Sarah J. (1851-)
Margaret E. (1853-1936)
Martha  J. (1855-1922)
Jesse B. (1854-1928)
David (1859-)
Nancy A. (1860-)
Thomas H. (1863-1942)
Mary E. (1866-)
John  M. (1868-)

1.1 Sarah J. ALLEY
Birth:    1851, Missouri

Sarah apparently married a man named Smith as she shows up living with
Horatio and Celia in the 1880 Census with 2 children and Widowed

Spouse:    SMITH

Children:    Benjamin (~1876-)
Arizona(?) (~1880-)

1.1.1 Benjamin SMITH
Birth:    abt 1876, Missouri

1.1.2 Arazona(?) SMITH
Birth:    abt 1880, Missouri

1.2 Margaret E. ALLEY
Birth:    4 Apr 1853, Missouri
Death:    14 Apr 1936, Mercer Co Missouri

Spouse:    Reuben Calvin HICKS
Birth:    Feb 1849, Ohio
Death:    6 May 1938, Mercer Co Missouri
Father:    HICKS
Marriage:    1877

Children:    Horatio Gates (1877-1947)
David Anthony “T D” (1879-1914)
James Garfield (1883-1967)

1.2.1 Horatio Gates HICKS
Birth:    Mar 1877, Missouri
Death:    1947

Spouse:    Julia Eldora WALKER
Birth:    21 Dec 1875, Wayne Co Iowa
Father:    David WALKER  (1850-)
Mother:    Mary MELTON (1847-)
Marriage:    Jun 1897

Children:    Lula Victoria (1898-1987)
Ola (1903-1994)
Sophia Floy (1912-1998)
Coy (1912-1993)

1.2.2 David Anthony “T D” HICKS
Birth:    Mar 1879, Missouri
Death:    24 Sep 1914, Egypt

Listed as David A. in 1880 census
Confirms the Athony David  name he was called Tone as a nickname

Listed as Tony D. Hicks in 1910 census
Horatio Gates Alley living with T.D. Hicks family in 1900 Census

Spouse:    Lola  T. “Lou”
Birth:    Mar 1879, Missouri
Death:    7 Nov 1921
Father:    UNNAMED
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    1900

Children:    Floy M. (Living)
Ernest (Living)
Marcus (1913-1921)

1.2.3 James Garfield HICKS
Birth:    15 Sep 1883, Mercer Mo
Death:    13 Feb 1967, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Burial:    Sutter Cem
Occupation:    Laborer RR Section

Obituary: James Garfield Hicks, Appeal Democrat newspaper

Hicks – Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Chapel of the Twin Cities for James Garfield Hicks, 83, of Yuba City, who died yesterday at Fremont Hospital following a long illness.

A retired farm laborer, Hicks had lived in the Yuba City area for 30 years and made his home at 973 Shasta St. He was a native of Mercer County, MO. Survivors include his wife, Hazel; two daughters, Mrs. Willo Mayer of Yuba City and Mrs. Margaret Jones of Yreka; five grandchildren and five great-grandchild. Rev. Kenneth Smith of the First Church of the Hazarene in Yuba City officiate at the Thursday service. Burial will be in the Sutter cemetery.

Spouse:    Hazel May TRAIL
Birth:    20 Jun 1888, Mercer Mo
Death:    Oct 1970, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Father:    William Martin TRAIL  (1856-1942)
Mother:    Eldora McGREW (1857-1917)
Marriage:    6 Mar 1907, Mercer Mo

Children:    Willo Ruby (1911-1982)
Margaret Cozeen (1918-1995)
Dorris G. (1921-1937)

1.3 Martha  J. ALLEY
Birth:    1855, Missouri
Death:    1922

Spouse:    Charles T. McINTOSH
Birth:    Apr 1849, Indiana
Death:    1933
Father:    Aaron M. McINTOSH  (1837-<1870)
Mother:    Martha J. PIGG (1826-)
Marriage:    1872

Children:    Mary Ellen (1875-)
William David (1880-)
Georgia Ann (1883-)
Gussie A. (1888-1964)
Laural Arron (1892-1982)
Charles McKinley (1894-)
Franklin Dewey (1897-)

1.3.1 Mary Ellen McINTOSH
Birth:    1875, Missouri

Spouse:    HUBBS

1.3.2 William David McINTOSH
Birth:    Aug 1880, Missouri

1.3.3 Georgia Ann McINTOSH
Birth:    Jan 1883, Missouri

Spouse:    BARDWELL
Birth:    Indiana

Children:    Leo (Living)

1.3.4 Gussie A. McINTOSH
Birth:    Jul 1888, Missouri
Death:    1964

Spouse:    Conrad McCLARANON
Birth:    1884, Greenfield, Indiana
Death:    1962
Father:    James McCLARANON  (1835-1912)
Mother:    Susan FISK
Marriage:    1908

Children:    Nova
Charley W. (Living)
Carl (Living)
Martha Lorene (Living)

1.3.5 Laural Arron McINTOSH
Birth:    7 Mar 1892, Missouri
Death:    Oct 1982, Mercer Co Missouri

Spouse:    Sylvia L. SHEILDS
Birth:    14 Jul 1895
Death:    Jul 1972, Mercer Co Missouri
Father:    Leander SHEILDS
Mother:    Jennie PHILLIPS

Children:    Darrel
Aaron D.

1.3.6 Charles McKinley McINTOSH
Birth:    Oct 1894, Missouri

1.3.7 Franklin Dewey McINTOSH
Birth:    Sep 1897, Missouri

1.4 Jesse B. ALLEY
Birth:    7 Mar 1854, Missouri
Death:    6 Dec 1928

Spouse:    Josaphine
Birth:    6 May 1866, Iowa
Death:    30 Nov 1920

Children:    Lillie E. (1888-)
Laura (1888-)
Hadley J. (1891-)
Arthur B. (1896-)
Thomas H. (Living)
John L (Living)
David R. (Living)

1.4.1 Lillie E. ALLEY
Birth:    Jun 1888, Missouri
Occupation:    Nurse 1920

1.4.2 Laura ALLEY
Birth:    Jun 1888, Missouri

1.4.3 Hadley J. ALLEY
Birth:    Jun 1891, Missouri

1.4.4 Arthur B. ALLEY
Birth:    Aug 1896, Missouri

1.4.5 Thomas H. ALLEY (Living)

1.4.6 John L ALLEY (Living)

1.4.7 David R. ALLEY (Living)

1.5 David ALLEY
Birth:    1859, Missouri

1.6 Nancy A. ALLEY
Birth:    1860, Missouri

1.7 Thomas H. ALLEY
Birth:    1863, Missouri
Death:    1942, Mercer Co Missouri

Spouse:    Mary E.
Birth:    1872, Iowa
Death:    1938, Mercer Co Missouri

Children:    James T. (Living)
Ada R. (Living)
Ethel G. (Living)
Herbert H. (Living)
Opal E. (Living)

1.7.1 James T. ALLEY (Living)

1.7.2 Ada R. ALLEY (Living)

1.7.3 Ethel G. ALLEY (Living)

1.7.4 Herbert H. ALLEY (Living)

1.7.5 Opal E. ALLEY (Living)

1.8 Mary E. ALLEY
Birth:    1866, Missouri

1.9 John  M. ALLEY
Birth:    1868, Missouri


Josaphine    spouse of 1.4
Lola  T. “Lou”    spouse of 1.2.2
Mary E.    spouse of 1.7
UNNAMED    parent of 1
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.2.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.2.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1
UNNAMED    parent of 1
Ada R.    1.7.2
Arthur B.    1.4.4
David    1.5
David R.    1.4.7
Ethel G.    1.7.3
Hadley J.    1.4.3
Herbert H.    1.7.4
Horatio Gates    1
James T.    1.7.1
Jesse B.    1.4
John  M.    1.9
John L    1.4.6
Laura    1.4.2
Lillie E.    1.4.1
Margaret E.    1.2
Martha  J.    1.3
Mary E.    1.8
Nancy A.    1.6
Opal E.    1.7.5
Sarah J.    1.1
Thomas H.    1.7
Thomas H.    1.4.5
UNNAMED    spouse of 1.3.3
Leo    child of 1.3.3
Susan    parent of spouse of 1.3.4
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1
Celia    spouse of 1
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.2
Coy    child of 1.2.1
David Anthony “T D”    1.2.2
Dorris G.    child of 1.2.3
Ernest    child of 1.2.2
Floy M.    child of 1.2.2
Horatio Gates    1.2.1
James Garfield    1.2.3
Lula Victoria    child of 1.2.1
Marcus    child of 1.2.2
Margaret Cozeen    child of 1.2.3
Ola    child of 1.2.1
Reuben Calvin    spouse of 1.2
Sophia Floy    child of 1.2.1
Willo Ruby    child of 1.2.3
UNNAMED    spouse of 1.3.1
Carl    child of 1.3.4
Charley W.    child of 1.3.4
Conrad    spouse of 1.3.4
James    parent of spouse of 1.3.4
Martha Lorene    child of 1.3.4
Nova    child of 1.3.4
Eldora    parent of spouse of 1.2.3
Aaron D.    child of 1.3.5
Aaron M.    parent of spouse of 1.3
Charles McKinley    1.3.6
Charles T.    spouse of 1.3
Darrel    child of 1.3.5
Denzil    child of 1.3.5
Donavam    child of 1.3.5
Dorvin    child of 1.3.5
Etheleen    child of 1.3.5
Franklin Dewey    1.3.7
Georgia Ann    1.3.3
Gussie A.    1.3.4
Jennie    child of 1.3.5
Laural Arron    1.3.5
Linnie    child of 1.3.5
Mary Ellen    1.3.1
Maurine    child of 1.3.5
William David    1.3.2
Mary    parent of spouse of 1.2.1
Jennie    parent of spouse of 1.3.5
Martha J.    parent of spouse of 1.3
Leander    parent of spouse of 1.3.5
Sylvia L.    spouse of 1.3.5
UNNAMED    spouse of 1.1
Arazona(?)    1.1.2
Benjamin    1.1.1
Hazel May    spouse of 1.2.3
William Martin    parent of spouse of 1.2.3
David    parent of spouse of 1.2.1
Julia Eldora    spouse of 1.2.1

2 Responses to “Alley Descendants”

  • Kenneth E. Jay:

    I am Kenneth Edward JAY, son of William Edward JAY, son of Perry Herman JAY, son of Jiles Edward JAY & Mary Elizabeth ALLEY daughter of Horatio Gates ALLEY & Celia [FUGIT] ALLEY.

    I may have files of interest to you. Please contact me

    Best regards,

    Ken Jay

  • Glenn:

    Hi Kenneth
    Thanks you for taking the time to write. Yes I am very interested in any info that you might have. This genealogy stuff takes lots of time and work, and sadly I have had little time to work at it this year. I have move my 82 year old mom in with me and my family, and she suffers with dementia / Alzheimer’s and requires a lot of attention. When I read that your name was Jay I knew I had seen that before, so I sent a little time digging through all the albums I have a found what I was looking for.

    So I expect that at least some of my “Strangers in the box” may be photos of your ancestors. One of the thing I enjoy most about meeting a new cousin, is the hope that they can identify some of these faces from the past, that I have gathered from my great grandparents back.
    My line goes back to Reuben and Margaret Alley Hicks, so if I have it right Your Mary Alley would be my GGG Aunt. I look forward to hearing from you again. And please spend a little time looking around the web site and see if you know any of the faces in the photos. Also with you in the Missouri area, so you know Hazel Robinson over in Mercer, she too is a cousin and lives on the old William Martin Trail place.
    If so say hi for me.
    Again I look forward to hearing from you again.
    Glenn Fletcher

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