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Hicks Descendants

1 Reuben Calvin HICKS
Birth:    Feb 1849, Ohio
Death:    6 May 1938, Mercer Co Missouri
Father:    HICKS

Spouse:    Margaret E. ALLEY
Birth:    4 Apr 1853, Missouri
Death:    14 Apr 1936, Mercer Co Missouri
Father:    Horatio Gates ALLEY  (1821-1906)
Mother:    Celia FUGIT (1824-1893)
Marriage:    1877

Children:    Horatio Gates (1877-1947)
David Anthony “T D” (1879-1914)
James Garfield (1883-1967)

1.1 Horatio Gates HICKS
Birth:    Mar 1877, Missouri
Death:    1947

Spouse:    Julia Eldora WALKER
Birth:    21 Dec 1875, Wayne Co Iowa
Father:    David WALKER  (1850-)
Mother:    Mary MELTON (1847-)
Marriage:    Jun 1897

Children:    Lula Victoria (1898-1987)
Ola (1903-1994)
Sophia Floy (1912-1998)
Coy (1912-1993)

1.1.1a Lula Victoria HICKS*
Birth:    29 May 1898, Missouri
Death:    Mar 1987, Yuba City, Sutter Co, Ca.

Spouse:    Ernest Bittencourt HOLLCROFT
Birth:    abt 1893, Missouri
Father:    HOLLCROFT
Mother:    UNNAMED

Children:    Clarence (Living)
Forest Lyle (1923-2002)
Ernest Dale (Living)
(Marjorie) Norma Lee (Living)

Other spouses:    Stanley MOLENO

1.1.1b Lula Victoria HICKS* (See above)

Spouse:    Stanley MOLENO
Birth:    25 Jan 1895
Death:    Nov 1974, Yuba City, Sutter, California

Other spouses:    Ernest Bittencourt HOLLCROFT

1.1.2 Ola HICKS
Birth:    16 Sep 1903
Death:    3 Dec 1994, Mercer Co Missouri

Spouse:    Audie TRAIL
Birth:    30 Apr 1889, Mercer Co Missouri
Death:    23 Mar 1977, Mercer Co.Missouri
Father:    William Martin TRAIL  (1856-1942)
Mother:    Eldora McGREW (1857-1917)

Living with father William Martin Trail in 1920

Children:    Colene (Living)

1.1.3 Sophia Floy HICKS
Birth:    15 Aug 1912, Mercer Co. MO.
Death:    15 May 1998, Mercer CO MO

Spouse:    Earl GIRDNER

1.1.4 Coy HICKS
Birth:    15 Aug 1912
Death:    6 Oct 1993, Princeton, Mercer, Missouri

Listed as Tina C. in the 1930 Census

Spouse:    Loren L. COON
Birth:    24 Jan 1915
Death:    20 Apr 2000

Shared headstone

Marriage:    7 Nov 1953

1.2 David Anthony “T D” HICKS
Birth:    Mar 1879, Missouri
Death:    24 Sep 1914, Egypt

Listed as David A. in 1880 census
Confirms the Athony David  name he was called Tone as a nickname

Listed as Tony D. Hicks in 1910 census
Horatio Gates Alley living with T.D. Hicks family in 1900 Census

Spouse:    Lola  T. “Lou”
Birth:    Mar 1879, Missouri
Death:    7 Nov 1921
Father:    UNNAMED
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    1900

Children:    Floy M. (Living)
Ernest (Living)
Marcus (1913-1921)

1.2.1 Floy M. HICKS (Living)

1.2.2 Ernest HICKS (Living)

1.2.3 Marcus HICKS
Birth:    29 Sep 1913, Egypt
Death:    7 Nov 1921, Mercer Co Missouri

1.3 James Garfield HICKS
Birth:    15 Sep 1883, Mercer Mo
Death:    13 Feb 1967, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Burial:    Sutter Cem
Occupation:    Laborer RR Section

Obituary: James Garfield Hicks, Appeal Democrat newspaper

Hicks – Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Chapel of the Twin Cities for James Garfield Hicks, 83, of Yuba City, who died yesterday at Fremont Hospital following a long illness.

A retired farm laborer, Hicks had lived in the Yuba City area for 30 years and made his home at 973 Shasta St. He was a native of Mercer County, MO. Survivors include his wife, Hazel; two daughters, Mrs. Willo Mayer of Yuba City and Mrs. Margaret Jones of Yreka; five grandchildren and five great-grandchild. Rev. Kenneth Smith of the First Church of the Hazarene in Yuba City officiate at the Thursday service. Burial will be in the Sutter cemetery.

Spouse:    Hazel May TRAIL
Birth:    20 Jun 1888, Mercer Mo
Death:    Oct 1970, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Father:    William Martin TRAIL  (1856-1942)
Mother:    Eldora McGREW (1857-1917)
Marriage:    6 Mar 1907, Mercer Mo

Children:    Willo Ruby (1911-1982)
Margaret Cozeen (1918-1995)
Dorris G. (1921-1937)

1.3.1a Willo Ruby HICKS*
Birth:    20 Nov 1911, Mercer Mo
Death:    6 Nov 1982, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Burial:    Sutter Cem

Divorced from  Ernest Weast  10/29/1935
Divorced from  George Koozin 3/14/1941
Divorced from Ashley (Jack) Carr 10/22/1949

Spouse:    Ernest WEAST
Birth:    9 Aug 1903, California
Death:    15 Aug 1944, Humbolt Co. CA.
Father:    Arthur Jack WEAST  (1882-1966)
Mother:    Mamie Maud BISHOP (1882-1917)

Children:    Betty Irene (Living)

Other spouses:    George KOOZIN, Ashby Dewitt (Jack) CARR, Alfred Christian MAYER

1.3.1b Willo Ruby HICKS* (See above)

Spouse:    George KOOZIN

Other spouses:    Ernest WEAST, Ashby Dewitt (Jack) CARR, Alfred Christian MAYER

1.3.1c Willo Ruby HICKS* (See above)

Spouse:    Ashby Dewitt (Jack) CARR
Birth:    11 Jan 1916
Death:    21 Sep 1983, Portland, OR

Name: Ashby Dewitt Carr

Veteran’s Rank: S1

Branch: US Navy

Last known address: 11800 Se MT. Scott Boulevard Portland, OR 97266

Birth Date: 11 Jan 1916

Death Date: 21 Sep 1983

Veteran Service Start Date: 31 Oct 1942

Veteran Service End Date: 25 Oct 1946

Interment Date: 26 Sep 1983

Cemetery: Willamette National Cemetery

Buried At: Section G Site 3992

Cemetery URL:

Marriage:    20 Mar 1943, Reno, NV

Children:    Rhett Leroy (Living)

Other spouses:    Ernest WEAST, George KOOZIN, Alfred Christian MAYER

1.3.1d Willo Ruby HICKS* (See above)

Spouse:    Alfred Christian MAYER
Birth:    23 Aug 1909, California
Death:    9 Aug 1971, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Father:    Alfred Pauli MAYER  (1877-1948)
Mother:    Anna Maria HANSEN (1884-)
Marriage:    22 Oct 1949, Reno Nevada

Other spouses:    Ernest WEAST, George KOOZIN, Ashby Dewitt (Jack) CARR

1.3.2 Margaret Cozeen HICKS
Birth:    7 Sep 1918, Wyoming
Death:    29 Oct 1995, Yreka Siskyou Co CA

Spouse:    Howard Elliott JONES
Birth:    29 Jan 1918, Missouri
Death:    May 2002, Yreka Siskyou Co CA
Father:    Samuel E. JONES  (1890-1973)
Mother:    Josephine (1892-1968)

Children:    Kenneth Howard (1942-2006)
Ronald Wayne (Living)
David Russel (Living)

1.3.3 Dorris G. HICKS
Birth:    1921
Death:    1937, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA


Josephine    parent of spouse of 1.3.2
Lola  T. “Lou”    spouse of 1.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.1.1a
Horatio Gates    parent of spouse of 1
Margaret E.    spouse of 1
Mamie Maud    parent of spouse of 1.3.1a
Ashby Dewitt (Jack)    spouse of 1.3.1c
Rhett Leroy    child of 1.3.1c
Loren L.    spouse of 1.1.4
Celia    parent of spouse of 1
Earl    spouse of 1.1.3
Anna Maria    parent of spouse of 1.3.1d
UNNAMED    parent of 1
Coy    1.1.4
David Anthony “T D”    1.2
Dorris G.    1.3.3
Ernest    1.2.2
Floy M.    1.2.1
Horatio Gates    1.1
James Garfield    1.3
Lula Victoria    1.1.1a
Marcus    1.2.3
Margaret Cozeen    1.3.2
Ola    1.1.2
Reuben Calvin    1
Sophia Floy    1.1.3
Willo Ruby    1.3.1a
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.1.1a
Clarence    child of 1.1.1a
Ernest Bittencourt    spouse of 1.1.1a
Ernest Dale    child of 1.1.1a
Forest Lyle    child of 1.1.1a
(Marjorie) Norma Lee    child of 1.1.1a
David Russel    child of 1.3.2
Howard Elliott    spouse of 1.3.2
Kenneth Howard    child of 1.3.2
Ronald Wayne    child of 1.3.2
Samuel E.    parent of spouse of 1.3.2
George    spouse of 1.3.1b
Alfred Christian    spouse of 1.3.1d
Alfred Pauli    parent of spouse of 1.3.1d
Eldora    parent of spouse of 1.1.2
Eldora    parent of spouse of 1.3
Mary    parent of spouse of 1.1
Stanley    spouse of 1.1.1b
Audie    spouse of 1.1.2
Colene    child of 1.1.2
Donna    child of 1.1.2
Hazel May    spouse of 1.3
Max    child of 1.1.2
William Martin    parent of spouse of 1.1.2
William Martin    parent of spouse of 1.3
David    parent of spouse of 1.1
Julia Eldora    spouse of 1.1
Arthur Jack    parent of spouse of 1.3.1a
Betty Irene    child of 1.3.1a
Ernest    spouse of 1.3.1a

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