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Mumford Descendants

Birth:    20 Jun 1815, Herkimer NY
Death:    22 Jul 1895, Arriba CO
Burial:    Arriba Cem.
Occupation:    Butcher
Father:    MUMFORD

Listed as Mulford in the 1850 Census
Listed as Petrick in the 1860 Census

Spouse:    Phebe MORSE
Birth:    5 Oct 1819
Death:    20 Mar 1893, Arriba CO

Just a letter I recieved and stuff to study
It’s time for me to renew my Morse Society membership and although I have never benefited from any of their information I thought I’d search the forum one more time for a connection to this family. I hit on your posting about Phebe.
I have had a copy of this posting in my files for some time and I have never been able to connect her to my line.
My line is just as sort as yours. My Henry was born in New York in 1824 and married a Mary Newell.  My factual information starts with an 1850 Census for Alexandria Bay, Jefferson County, New York. He and his wife (called Polly for that census) and their children are listed along with a Phebe Morse age 70 born in Rhode Island.
Henry and family move on to Dundee, Monroe County, Michigan prior to the 1860 census without a Phebe. At the same time a Phebe (widow) born in RI. appears in the next county up (Saginaw) living in Birch Run with a son Seth born in NY. listed as a doctor. Living on the next farm is a Royal Morse and family. I went over to Birch Run and found a headstone for this Phebe (attached). I have nothing to connect her to my Henry!
I figured I’d start at the other end. I went to Uxbridge, Mass and started with Samuel born in 1738 and married a Jane Taft in Uxbridge. They had a number of children Olive, Hannah, Nahum, Silas and Samuel. Silas, born Mar 12, 1767 married Orpha White Feb 15 1791.
Samuel, born June 2, 1769 married Phebe Sheldon of RI. Silas and Samuel moved on to Western, Oneida County New York. I went there and found Silas’s grave on a farm in Western (attached). I have a copy of Silas’s will leaving property to Samuel and a copy of a Reuben Sheldon will that mentions Aunt Phebe and Uncle Samuel Morse.
That is where that search dried up. I found references to Samuel and Silas being the first to own property in Jefferson County NY, the next county over from Oneida, and in Alexandria Bay (about 30 miles from Western) I found references to a Nathum Morse death on May 5, 1848 (Drowned). He is buried in a family cemetery outside of Alexandria with other Morse’s. There is an Esek (1804-1845) and family there. Esek was Phebe Sheldon”s father’s name!
So I don’t know what happened to Samuel. I don’t know who Samuel and Phebe’s children were. I don’t know if this Phebe is the same Phebe living with Henry in 1850 or living in Birch Run with a Seth and next door to Royal. But here’s what I have as possibilities for Samuel and Phebe’s children:
Esek 1894-1845
Seth 1810-?
Alexander 1810-?
Nathaniel 1813-?
Phebe 1819-1893
Royal 1820-1874
Nathum 1822- 1848
Henry 1823-1889
Any help would be welcomed!
Terrence Morse
42 Grant Street
Painesville, Ohio 44077

Marriage:    15 Nov 1848, Kane Co. IL.

Children:    Emroy (1849-1941)
Elizabeth A. (1854-1943)
Eliza Jane (1856-1939)
Fannie Ella (1859-1945)
Hannah Amelia (~1862-1880)

1.1 Emroy MUMFORD
Birth:    8 Oct 1849, Dundee IL
Death:    1 Jan 1941, Arriba Cem. Arriba CO>

Spouse:    Henry J. BLACKWOOD
Birth:    9 Oct 1830, West Pembroke, Maine
Death:    24 Feb 1904, Arriba Colorado
Father:    James BLACKWOOD  (~1787-)
Mother:    Susan (~1793-)
Marriage:    20 Sep 1883, Elgin Kane Co. IL

1.2 Elizabeth A. MUMFORD
Birth:    16 May 1854, Dundee IL
Death:    19 Aug 1943, Arriba Cem.

Spouse:    Charles A. CREEL
Birth:    7 Oct 1857, Bentonsport, Vanbured County, Iowa
Death:    Feb 1926, Arriba Co.
Father:    James Franklin CREEL  (1831-1920)
Mother:    Lucy  Frances {Fancy} NEWLAND (1831-1896)
Marriage:    28 Nov 1894, Denver Colorado

1.3 Eliza Jane MUMFORD
Birth:    4 Oct 1856, Dundee IL
Death:    10 Aug 1939, Arriba Cem.

Living with sister Emroy Blackwood in 1920

1.4 Fannie Ella MUMFORD
Birth:    1 Jul 1859, Dundee IL
Death:    9 Mar 1945, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Burial:    12 Mar 1945, Granst Pass Josephine Co.OR

Spouse:    Byron Wesley FLETCHER
Birth:    1 Dec 1856, Elgin Kane Co. IL
Death:    26 Dec 1935, Granst Pass Josephine Co.OR
Father:    Henry FLETCHER  (1814-1886)
Mother:    Lydia Maria VAN AUKEN (1819-1892)

Living with brother George in the home of Emanuel Rinehimer in 1880 Census 1880 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Kane > Elgin > District 84

listed as B. Wesley Fletcher in the 1910 census

Marriage:    1 Dec 1881, Elgin, Kane Co. IL

Children:    Richard  H. “Dick” (1884-1961)
Roy Byron (1888-1975)
Clarence Mumford (1890-1972)
Paul Wesley (1902-1965)

1.4.1 Richard  H. “Dick” FLETCHER
Birth:    26 Sep 1884, Ill.
Death:    13 Aug 1961, Los Angeles Ca.

Spouse:    May

1.4.2 Roy Byron FLETCHER
Birth:    28 Jan 1888, Nebraska
Death:    2 Aug 1975, Shasta Co. CA.

Spouse:    Mary E.
Birth:    abt 1892, Iowa
Father:    UNNAMED
Mother:    UNNAMED
Marriage:    abt 1907

1.4.3a Clarence Mumford FLETCHER*
Birth:    15 Jun 1890, Friend, Saline Co. NE
Death:    23 Oct 1972, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA
Burial:    Sutter Cem.

The Saline County Standard (Friend, NE), 20 June 1890, page 3, “Local Siftings” transcribed by Susan Tinney for the on 4 December 2005

BORN:–To Mr. and Mrs. Byron FLETCHER, on Sunday, June 15th, a son.

Spouse:    Goldie YENNE
Birth:    7 Jan 1899, Belaire KS
Death:    23 Jun 1962, Ashland OR.
Father:    Isaac Newton YENNE  (1862-1948)
Mother:    Palmaria Frances YENNE (1875-1918)
Marriage:    2 Jun 1923, Yuba City, Sutter Co. CA

Children:    Charles Newton (1924-2004)

Other spouses:    Myrtle RAINS

1.4.3b Clarence Mumford FLETCHER* (See above)

Spouse:    Myrtle RAINS
Birth:    2 Nov 1891, Gage County Nebraska
Death:    1918, Los Angeles, Ca
Father:    Frank B. RAINS  (1867-1946)
Mother:    Minnie J. HARNS (1868-1908)

Children:    Clarence Edward (Living)

Other spouses:    Goldie YENNE

1.4.4 Paul Wesley FLETCHER
Birth:    13 May 1902, California
Death:    2 Apr 1965, Redding, Shasta Co. CA.

1.5 Hannah Amelia MUMFORD
Birth:    abt 1862, Illinois
Death:    29 Aug 1880, Elgin Illinois

Listed with consuption in 1880

1.6 Lydia MUMFORD


Mary E.    spouse of 1.4.2
May    spouse of 1.4.1
Susan    parent of spouse of 1.1
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.2
UNNAMED    parent of spouse of 1.4.2
Lydia Maria (VAN)    parent of spouse of 1.4
Henry J.    spouse of 1.1
James    parent of spouse of 1.1
Charles A.    spouse of 1.2
James Franklin    parent of spouse of 1.2
Byron Wesley    spouse of 1.4
Charles Newton    child of 1.4.3a
Clarence Edward    child of 1.4.3b
Clarence Mumford    1.4.3a
Henry    parent of spouse of 1.4
Paul Wesley    1.4.4
Richard  H. “Dick”    1.4.1
Roy Byron    1.4.2
Minnie J.    parent of spouse of 1.4.3b
Phebe    spouse of 1
UNNAMED    parent of 1
Eliza Jane    1.3
Elizabeth A.    1.2
Emroy    1.1
Fannie Ella    1.4
Hannah Amelia    1.5
Lydia    1.6
Peleg    1
Lucy  Frances {Fancy}    parent of spouse of 1.2
Frank B.    parent of spouse of 1.4.3b
Myrtle    spouse of 1.4.3b
Goldie    spouse of 1.4.3a
Isaac Newton    parent of spouse of 1.4.3a
Palmaria Frances    parent of spouse of 1.4.3a

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