Family Tree Maker 2011

Last Week’s Episode – Brooke Shields

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Brook Sheilds journey into the past took her many place througout the world, as she researched he family roots. She first heads to Rome, to Augerolles, France, where she sees the humble beginnings of her Torlonia ancestor before he became a successful banker and a part of the Italian aristocracy.

Brooke’s journey ends inside the Louvre, where she is amazed to discover she is cousins with Henry XIV.

It was a great display of  the twist and turns that genealogy can take for any researcher on their quest to discover their fanily origins.

I am very glad to say that “Who do yo think you are?” will have a second season of shows, and I know that will be as captivating as the shows from season 1. I’ll be there watching so should you.

To learn more, or catch up on any missed episodes follow the link

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