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A Modern Look At An Old Town – Arriba Colorado

During the year 2009, my brother and sister in law took a road trip east, moving through several states and several small communities along the way. I had asked them, as they prepared for their trip, if they were planning on going through Colorado. To my great surprise they were, but when I mentioned maybe they could swing through Arriba Colorado, and look around a little for me, they weren’t sure they would be that close.

I gave them the maps for that part of Colorado and a little history that I had learned about this little town out in the middle of nowhere in Lincoln County Colorado. As it turned out they had stopped for a night in an area not to far from Arriba, and decided they would take that extra day and an extra excursion, just so they could take pictures and nose around for me.

Arriba is significant to me because our Great Great Grandparents spent their last years in that little town.  They were Peleg and Phebe (Morse) Mumford, 3 of their daughters moved along with them, one marring Charles Creel the founder of Arriba, the other married Henry J. Blackwood.

All are buried in one spot near  the front of the Arriba Cemetery.

Arriba Colorado

So it turns out that as they made their way around this old town they bumped into quite a few friendly people, that were very happy to show them around. One such resident was Bob Coulson,

and he just so happened to be the person that takes care of the Arriba Museum. He was more than happy to take Steve and Fran all around town showing them the sites. Ok so it was a short ride, but it did end up at the Museum.

A tiny sod house that is filled to the brim with nostalgia.

Bob was a gracious host, and very  knowledgeable  about his community, and proud to share it with his visitors from California, and with me, Thanks Bob. Here’s a link to more information about Arriba Colorado.
When Steve and Fran arrived in town, the first person they met was Pat Price along with husband Kurt and daughter Eliana. They were out that morning taking care of the church grounds, when they drove up to ask for some information about the town. Pat and I had spoke together years before, somehow she remember the Fletcher name and that sparked up a friendship as if they were old friends.
I hope someday that I’ll get to make that trip myself, I hope it will happen soon. Until then thanks to the residents of Arriba, for welcoming my brother and his wife, and for going out of your way to make us feel at home.

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  • Earl & Mary Ann Saffer:

    This is great! Nice work. I notice that this is just the Fletcher family. I assume you will be adding many other families as you go. (like the Lucore’s, etc.)

    Take Care!
    Earl & Mary Ann

  • Tomi Rief:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  • My grandparents on both sides of the family, Clara & Amel Kemp and Johanna and Fred Klann Sr were homesteaders outside Arriba and later retired to live in Town. Kemps owned and operated the BAY gasoline station, Klann family still maintains the family ranch (Warren Klann) I moved to Nevada in 1956 albeit would have graduated w/ class of ’57 in Arriba. My web site has drawings of the lunch room and gym.

  • Glenn:

    Thanks Wallen for leaving a comment. I went to your site and found some great paintings and sketches there, wish I had the talent. I always enjoy hearing from people all around the country, especially if there’s a chance to add a little extra information to genealogy research. My Great Great Grandparents Peleg and Phebe Morse Mumford, never left a photo behind identified as them, that would allow me to see their faces. So someday I hope someone turns up on the site with a photo taken back in Arriba with the 2 of them standing right there in front of me.
    Thanks again

  • Boone Jeffers:

    Just thought I would see if anyone has any information on a piece of Arriba, Colorado history.I have a 1 pound butter crock made by the Buckeye Pottery Co. in Macomb, Illinois that is marked on the side in blue.It say’s A Home Owned Store Earl’s Cash Grocery Arriba-Phone 24-Colo.

  • Glenn:

    Sorry there is nothing more that I can provide in the way of info. But maybe a reader will have something they can share with you.
    Good Luck

  • Jack:


    I live in Denver during the week and Arriba over the weekends. If you ever need anything from a “local” let me know.

  • Glenn:

    Thanks Jack I appreciate the offer.If you know the family that lives in the old Charles Creel home. I would love to know if they have any old photos and or documents they could share.

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