Family Tree Maker 2011


The following pages are a work in progress. A work that I believe will never be completed.

This geaneolgy project began in 1996, with the birth of my daughter Rachel.

You can read this story, and others at Family Stories.

A special thank you to my cousin Bonnie Fletcher Eggert

Whose guidance helped me discover

so many of my

Strangers In the box

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  • C. B.:

    Interesting, (or rather, those bits I could easily read). I suffer from color blindness (protanopia to be exact). I mostly use Opera browser (no idea if that matters), and a great deal of this web page is tricky for me to make out. I know it is my problem to deal with, in truth, nevertheless it would be kind if you would take into account color blind folk like me whilst undertaking your next web page redesign.

  • D. Wright:

    I was pleasantly surprised when I found your site today. I was just playing with Stumbleupon and I came across your page! Awesome blog you have here!

  • When we die we become ‘stories’ in the minds of other people.

  • Tonya Trail-Coyle:

    I am really loving all the Trail history you have on here!! Nice to read about grandad Bazil’s family!!

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